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speed query

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Normally, downloads are faster than uploads, but normally, for most people's connections, the downstream bandwidth is much higher than upstream. If the stated results are correct, yours is reversed. That's so unusual that I'd suggest you check again.

For most ADSL connections, the situation is as I described. For other connections, like IDSN or T1's, the speeds are at parity. I have not come across a connection where upstream was higher than downstream. What sort of connection do you have?

Nevermind, I misread this. Hurt my foot. Vicodan. Bleah.

If we convert you to constant units, (which may be your issue), then you have a max downstream speed of 247.19 Mb/s == 30.90 MB/s == 30,900 KB/s and are actually downloading at 2,424 KB/S

Your upload max is 84.54 Mb/s == 10.57 MB/s == 10,570 KB/s of which you're only using 4,652 KB/s

What you actually get is, obviously, dependent entirely on the swarm you happen to have at the moment. There really isn't a "normal".

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I can see by your speedtest that you obviously have a commercial internet connection that can far outperform the needs of any peer you connect to, so in this case, your uploading more then downloading simply because there is a greater need for upload then the supply for download.

This is normal for seedbox/server users on public torrents.

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