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Help translating MPCStar and CometPlayer


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Dear all,

The BBComet translation center of MPCStar and CometPlayer has been established and is now open to the public.

The translation center was created as a platform for our users to download language files and to help translating MPCStar and CometPlayer to the following languages: Arabic, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian and Spanish.

Any contribution will be welcomed and greatly appreciated, the guide of translating can be found on the MPCStar wiki and the CometPlayer wiki.

Please feel free to leave your inquiries, feedback, and problem reports here.


The BitComet Team

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Wow! Nice to know about "translating language in mpcstar and your new comet plare". You are doing great job......

Please provide more language as possible as and please also Hindi lang. thanx

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I recent traslate to BASQUE LANGUAGE "BiComet p2p/torret program" and i now like translate ONLINE "MpcStar Player" to BASQUE LANGUAGE.

Please, do you can ADD BASQUE LANGUAGE to supported languages?

I wait your answer and can traslate it faster


Xabier Aramendi (Azpidatziak)

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Thank you Xabier Aramendi!

Our dev team leader is on vacation now, and he will add BASQUE LANGUAGE in BBComet Translation Center when he comes back.

I will let you know when it's done. :)

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I think you're going to need to find someone with a better understanding of English to explain what you're trying to tell us. If you're using a computer translation program to make this post, then I'd look for a better program, because it is nearly nonsensical. If your struggling to understand English, the the first place to begin is to look up the definition of the word "what".

I'll try to correct for what I "think" you're trying to say.

The .mo files what that I translated and the files what that I downloaded in version 5.3 new version don't aren't the same.

The first .mo files (that I provided) works very well.

Is this what you are trying to say?

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I download MpcStar 5.3 version and

I have a problem with the basque language, because don't work.

The .mo files that I translate and the files that I download in version 5.3 aren't the same.

The first .mo file (that I provided) works very well.

Please correct the problem.

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