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windows xp freezes when downloading.

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hi my name is nishan and i have been using bitcomet for i think 3 years.

im having a problem with my computer tho. when i have bitcomet downloading something over night or any time period it will freeze. im not sure why this is but i really need it to stop. i am running windows xp version 2002 with service pack 3. i have 2 gb ddr 400 mhz ram, 3.2 ghz p4 with H/T, 500 gb hd and a hd 3650 agp video card.

i have portforwarded the listen port, i have my max downloads at 5, i have changed my max dowload speed and still no change, i have changed my listen port and portforwarded that new listen port. and still the problem presists.

my computer may freeze after 10 mins or a hour or 2. but it always freezez. i have tried versions of bitcomet

1.22 (i think the newest one)




i have my firewall up. and i am running windows one care as my virus protection program.

all had the same problem.

all help is appreciated and i will try it out.

question tho. i am running a version of xp that has not been activated. i will be activating it soon. does that make it freeze?

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Have you looked at your system and application logs to see if they're reporting errors when a freeze occurs?

What reason do you have for thinking that BitComet is a cause, rather than just another victim of the freezing?

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im not sure how to check the logs but i know its bitcome by testing to see which programs causes it to freeze. i have run bitcomet by itselt nothing else running besides the operating system and virus program, it froze after ten mins. i re did the test and after a hour it ocured again. both times i was downloading something. when i dont have bitcomet running nothing will freeze. this has happend to me so many times im sure it is bitcomet which is causing it to freeze. im thinking of a full re-install of windows. would that be a good idea and try it again?

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You need to learn how to use Event Viewer.

Bittorrent clients stress systems in unusual ways. Not bad ways, just unusual ways that most applications don't do. Because of that, they are often blamed for things which they're just victims of.

That means that no matter what you do to the client, you'll never solve the underlying problem because you're looking at the wrong place. The first thing to do is look at the logs and see what they're telling you.

Reinstalling the OS may help by getting rid of, at least temporarily, whatever was really causing the problem. Then again, it may not. I don't recommend it as a step to take because you couldn't think of anything else to do.

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OK !!! now i have tried downloading things with limewire. just had the same problem. im thinking it is a driver error with my wifi card.... so thanks for the help. i will try a diferent driver and see what happens. thanks for the help !!

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