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Need help burning


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I downloaded XYZ [had to wait for day's for the download to finish].It was supposed to have two files, 1.an .iso and 2.the torrent downloaded from .txt. But after the download completed I found out that it was a .RAR file and I had extracted it too, but instead there to be an .iso file I found a number of files and I don't know how to burn these.

I need help.

The files that I've extracted are as follows:











Thanks for your help.

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Have you actually seen the .RAR extension of the file or it was just that it had the RAR file icon and you assumed it's a RAR archive?

WinRAR has a habit of associating itself with .iso files and that may be a source of confusion. It can read .iso files and it can extract the files from inside a ISO container, even though ISO files don't use any compression and are not RAR archives, per se.

However, if that's not your case, then .IMG and .BIN extension are also used for disc image files' extensions, so what you see may be some disc images. But based on file size and whether you can mount them or not in a virtual drive, you'd have to check that yourself, we can't say for sure what you have there.

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I suggest that you take an existing PS2 disk, put it into your computer's disk drive, and look at its structure with Windows Explorer. Of course you can't "use" the disk on the PC, but some things about it should quickly become clearer to you. (BTW, also take a prerecorded DVD of a movie and look at it's structure. That's educational too.) If Windows tries to "play" or somehow use the disks in any way, stop it. You just want to look at what's on the disks, at the directories and filenames and such.

A working PS2 disk should look like -- have the same basic structure and many of the same filenames -- as what you downloaded. This should become clear as you compare the existing PS2 disk's structure and composition, to the download. You need to figure out how to make the latter look pretty much like the former, using a blank disk.

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Thanks for everything guy's I have solved the problem, this file was named xxxx.iso which was a winRaR archive too. At first I thought extracting it will give me the .iso file which can then be burned but I was wrong. Then I installed magic iso and loaded the file and burned it, it is working perfect.

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