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[NEW] BitComet v1.23 has been released!!


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Dear all,

BitComet version 1.23 has been released! You are all welcome to download and test this version from the official website.


v1.23 2010.08.31

GUI Improved: add Summary tab to Torrent History and Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: open Torrent from URL dialog supports multiple URLs

GUI Improved: export all torrents in one time by selecting multiple tasks in task list, Torrent History or Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: display "click to add" in file list when BitTorrent task missing ED2K links

GUI Improved: add Snapshot and Comment tab to Torrent History and Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: new command in context menu of Torrent History: "add to task list"

GUI Improved: support import unfinished download files with any extension name

GUI Improved: new advanced option: allow preview program to open files of any type from file list (thanks to greywizard)

GUI Improved: enhance video file capture ability of Firefox extension

GUI Change: CometPassport renamed to CometID

GUI Bugfix: percent of score bar for CometID level up displays invalid for level 50+ (v1.22)

GUI Bugfix: after modifying save path in task properties dialog and selecting moving files, the downloaded files are copied to new folder, not moved

GUI Bugfix: no beeps after download completed (v1.22)

GUI Bugfix: after changing torrent file encoding in task properties dialog, the task name in Torrent History is not refreshed

GUI Bugfix: cannot send crash report under XP

GUI Bugfix: after switched to Torrent History, some buttons in toolbar should disabled

Core Improve: supports HTTP 301/302 redirecting for Web Seed

Core Improve: eMule plugin Xtreme Mod upgraded to v8.0 (eMule v0.50a)

Core Improve: after error code received from Tracker, increase retry interval and re-connect later

Core Improve: increase priority of HTTP tracker connection

Core Improve: improve piece request algorithm for BitTorrent task, reduce CPU usage

Core Bugfix: if BitTorrent task containing multiple files, multiple eMule plugin will be launched incorrectly(v0.50a)

Core Bugfix: failed to generate Crash Report in Vista/Win7 (v1.22)

Core Bugfix: upload task number limit works incorrectly when there are any task whose torrent not downloaded yet

Core Bugfix: perform hash-check if file changed or missing when start BitTorrent task

Core Bugfix: FTP download did not handle the error of disconnect by server unexpectedly

Core Bugfix: FTP download failed to resume download from certain FTP servers

Core Bugfix: fix DNS query function

Please kindly leave your suggestions, feedbacks, and bug reports here.

Thank you for your support!

The BitComet Team

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Yeah. Wait for Firefox v.4, stable release to come out.

Then wait a little longer for the BitComet team to cook up a version of the extension which works with that version of Firefox and in the end everything will be fine.

Even regular minor updates from one release version to another of Firefox often disable many extensions (until they are updated as well by their authors or dumped altogether). So, if you want to test beta versions of Firefox, I don't know why you expect that everything would work smooth, when it doesn't always work with stable releases in the first place.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been having trouble with my downloads stopping

1. I have version 1.23 just downloaded it today hoping it would solve the problem it has not.

2. I have DSL Qwest

3. I have a wireless router PK5000

4. I have two wireless computers and one hardwired into router. Only 1 computer has bitcomet installed

5. I am using windows 7 I use windows security

6. I have Criminal.Minds.S06E01.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION.torrentr

Criminal minds.avi


season 1.avi

season 2. avi


Medium Season 5 (xvid.asd)english .napsty.avi

Medium 6.srt

Lost season 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.avi

I start them up they download for a couple of seconds and then they stop and I get a red x on the side. I start them up again and the same thing continues.

2010.09.26 17:47:04 Failed writing file: Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt [Access is denied]

2010.09.26 17:47:04 Task stopped.

2010.09.26 17:47:11 Task started.

2010.09.26 17:47:11 Open torrent file: Criminal.Minds.S06E01.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION.torrent

2010.09.26 17:47:13 Tracker returns 22 peers.

2010.09.26 17:47:13 Tracker returns 44 peers.

2010.09.26 17:47:43 Failed writing file: Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt [Access is denied]

2010.09.26 17:47:43 Task stopped.

and on and on it goes I start it, it stops etc.

Please help

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It's not terribly wise to list copyrighted material you're downloading.

The red X is, as it says in the FAQ, indicating another problem serious enough that the download can't continue. As it says in the FAQ, this used to mean that BitComet can't write to the disk, but now, as the FAQ says, it can also mean several other types of serious problems.

As it further says in the FAQ, mousing over the X will give you a tooltip telling you more about the problem.

It IS a good idea, before posting a problem in the forum, to read the FAQ and see if your problem is discussed there.

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