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Torrent stuck at 99.9%

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I have a torrent that is stuck at 99%, the download rate continues at an average rate of 50kb/s but nothing is being downloaded.

Any help will be much appreciated :mellow: .

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Moola 11 seems to have the same problem as i reported. Change to Azureus until this bug is fixed?


This is NOT a bug with BitComet. There could be many reasons a torrent doesn't complete and gets stuck like this, but all such problems are caused by your system/hardware or the torrents health, not by BitComet.

I'm not going to write a few dozen paragraphs explaining every possible cause of this problem for someone that doesn't care to provide the basic info necessary for us to post only the most likely causes, but you can visit the FAQs as our staff member suggested, and learn more about it.

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