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Torrents stopping (cont)

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My problem is that when i start my torrents, i come back later and they're stopped. After many times of this happening i thought it was my laptop going into sleep, so i disabled it, but even with that disabled, i wake up this morning and i see my torrents barely moved.

I don't know if this symptom is related to the problem but everytime i start a stopped torrent, it begins to hash check. I have to stop the torrent again, and then start it back for it to continue where it left off.

-no firewall

-wireless belkin router

-dell studio xps 16


MY thread was closed because someone else posted in it, but my problem is the same as it was in the other thread and i took off automatic restart, my system is not crashing, my torrents are stopping as in entering the stopped state with appropriate grey circle icon.

I was asked to present a screenshot and if it is still necessary, please specify of what exactly

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1. open BitComet

2. press printscreen button from keyboard

3. open Ms paint or any graphics program like photoshop

4. make a new file and simply paste from meenu > edit > paste

5. save file as a JPG

6. comeback to forums press the (Use Full Editor) beside the post button

7. browse urs JPG File

8. press the button (Attach this File)

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The screenshot should be of the main download screen, preferably with the PEERS tab selected.

As discussed previously, the hash-checking on startup means that something abruptly shut down BitComet without giving it a chance to exit properly and flush its buffer to disk. That's usually a system crash but may be an application crash.

The screenshot is needed to see exactly what you mean by having tasks stopped. Please indicate on your screenshot which task(s) you're talking about.

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To make sure it's not a crash, go to Options/Task and put a tick next to "Auto-resume tasks at program startup". If BitComet crashes and starts up again it will start all the tasks automatically and you'll no longer see the issue.

If that doesn't help, try using the zipped version from here. Start a new task and let it run and see if it still happens.

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