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Why cometbird?

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In the forum description, the first few words reads "why cometbird?" I thought i'd find the answer by visiting. Is there a list of features i can find? a general rundown of specifics or technical stuff i can read up on? or is the only way to find out by actually getting and using it?

Throw me a sales pitch here >.<

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CometBird is developed upon Firefox's source code, hence these two browsers are almost the same. Compare to Firefox, CometBird has the following additional features:

  • Online bookmarks(CometMarks): this function allows users to manage their books even they're on a different computer/operating system.
  • Online video download: users can download online videos/audio/flash when they're watching it.
  • Word translator and notes: CometBird has a word translator, it'll show the translation in user's language when hover mouse on certain words. And the notes function helps users to remember/save information.
  • Coloured tabs: Tabs of relevant webpages will be categorised into colours.
  • Ctrl+Tab: Press Ctrl+Tab when viewing multi site with CometBird, a preview of thumbnails will appear to show all the existing webpages.

However, I think using CometBird will be the best way to know it, you can download CometBird from HERE. :)

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I'm sorry lucy, i must be stressing you out =( (at least this is the last post i can make in a while apparently =P) but i just wanted to ask if you guys plan to update this: 87099056.jpg to include browsers like opera/firefox/chrome or any other very popular and heavily used browsers? If not, that's my suggestion for you =)

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