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Have you really tested your connection and it shows 20Mb? Or is it the advertised speed?

Take notice of the difference between Mb and MB. BitComet measures the speed in KB/MB while ISP advertise speed in Mb/s. The former is roughly about 8 times smaller than the latter. So, if you really have 20Mb/s download speed you would have roughly, 2.5 MB/s download speed.

If you have a green port, then the next equally important setting that you need to check is that you have limited your global upload rate to 80% of your tested upload speed. (Test it on a site such as speedtest.net.

But also note that on many torrents your speed won't go sky high no matter what you do; that's because there may be just a few peers (with slow upload speeds) that have together all the pieces for the torrent. So, no matter what download speed you have, you'll have to wait for them to upload the stuff.

Only if you get slow speed on very well seeded torrents (i.e. Open Office or a Linux distro) then and only then you need to start thinking that there may be something wrong.

Normally, BitComet manages automatically the maximum number of connections per task, and the numbers it sticks to are the ones that have been proved to be the most appropriate. Basically, beyond a certain number of simultaneous connections, this doesn't seem to bear too much influence on the download speed.

Anyway, if you really want to tweak that, you can find it in the advanced options.

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Here after switching from 5 mbit narrow channel to the whole 100 mbit with the newes build 1.23 its worse even then i had a slow speed . Seem like BC is not able to handle such uber speed

I'm sorry, SFD96, but I'm not able to understand question. Can you be more explicit, please?

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