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DHT connection crash


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Recently when BC starts up it freezes (probably while connecting to DHT) for a while and sometimes it comes back and if not I have to manually terminate the process.

Also, sometimes when minimized to taksbar or tasktray for a while, I cant make it come back. (Clicking the bar/icon wont do anything)

Turning off DHT network will solve the problem but are there anything I can do so that I can use DHT and not having BT crashing all the time?

Happens with both 0.70 and 1.23

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I'm not saying that there is a easy solution to your issue (this has never happened to me and I haven't heard many complaints similar to this one).

But do you really think that anyone could even begin to guess what might be wrong while not knowing what OS and version you use, or what is your software configuration?

Besides, you say "recently when BC starts up it freezes". Have you tried rewinding your memories to find out what did change in your system's configuration recently? It's very possible that a change you made to the system has that effect on BC.

What have you tried? Reinstall? Clean reinstall?

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My system:

Win XP SP3, E8500, 4GB(3.5G)RAM

Comodo firewall and Avast

I dont think I changed any system configuration that could affect BC other than windows update. It started out being slow when I started BC and now it crashes.(with DHT)

I tried reinstalling BC, checking errors on my harddrive and ram, installing BC on a ramdisk, clean install of XP, turning off firewall and antivirus but nothing worked.

The other thing I just thought now is the router(9100EM) but would it cause BC to crash if it has a problem? I'll try connecting to the modem directly anyway.

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I suggest you uninstall Commodo and just use the built-in Windows firewall (which BitComet can automatically configure for you), or just go with the firewall in your router.

Make sure that you have opened your firewalls for UDP traffic as well as TCP on your chosen listen port.

Most people should not install or use 3rd-party software firewalls.

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So after connecting my pc directly to the modem no more crashes. I know some router that crashes with BC but never seen one that crashes BC it self.

The difference I see is when I start BC without any task and DHT on, if its connected directly to the modem the DL/UL speed goes up to a little above 100KB/s for a while then back to 0.

With the router it goes over 200KB/s and freezes.

Any ideas why this happen?

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