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Look in the Guides and Tutorials forum.

If you pay for software, then you may expect handholding and step-by-step instructions. BitComet and bittorrent are not those things. You did not pay for the software, you did not pay for any support. Therefore, you are expected and required to use a lot more personal initiative than you have shown so far: to figure things out for yourself; to try things; to learn by trial and error; to teach yourself and make sense of what you have learned. There will be very little basic instruction to be had, and where there is, you will need to learn to seek it out for yourself rather than having to be told to go look in a clearly labeled forum that was plainly apparent. This level of helplessness just isn't going to be sufficient.

If you don't like this or aren't willing or able to do it, then you should not attempt to use free software.

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