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Still Seed Even My Listen Port Is Closed

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I Use The Latest Update Bitcomet 1.23

I Have ADSL 512 KPPS

I Have Repotec Router RP-IP2401A

I Have Symantec Norton 360 v2 Working Charm With Forwarded Ports

I Have Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3

My Question Is This Seed Is Real Or Fake?

Is That Means that I Can Make Torrents Without Opening Listen Port?

You Know Listen Ports Is Dangerous And Its Safer Not TO Be Opened

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Wow! Just wow!

Are you using an automatic translating web service?

Because your phrases (just like in your other post) make nearly no sense at all in English.

However, the last sentence of the post is of high value. B)

Please, everybody close your listen ports! I mean right NOW!

Haven't you heard that it's dangerous and safer not to be opened?

Wait, I have a better and much safer idea. Shutdown Windows, unplug the network cable and the power cord. Buy a titanium reinforced safe and lock your computer inside it. It doesn't get any safer than that.

Jokes aside, you should refrain from giving silly advice on the forum. We've been fighting for years teaching people how to successfully open a listen port and now you come and advise them to close them back?

I fear that someone may believe you.

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What's a "fake" seed??

Bittorrent has always worked without having a listen port -- indeed, there's an option to use "no listen port" mode in BitComet's options. It's just going to be a lot slower that way because you are limited to only those peers you contact yourself, instead of having others be able to contact you.

It's like having a phone line that nobody can call you on, you can only call them. Lots of people would like to call you and give you info that you want and need, but they can't call you. They have to wait until you call them, if you ever do, and you must hope their lines are not busy when you finally do call.

Fortunately for you, their listen ports are open, their phones CAN be called. Otherwise, the two of you would sit there incommunicado, neither able to call the other.

You can avoid dying in an automobile accident if you never leave home. That doesn't make it a practical option.

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