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BitComet 1.23 Cant Download Magnet Links From Bitzi

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I Use The Latest Update Bitcomet 1.23

I Have ADSL 512 KPPS

I Have Repotec Router RP-IP2401A

I Have Symantec Norton 360 v2 Working Charm With Forwarded Ports

I Have Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3

I Forwarded My Port And Its Green Means Working

I Have Limewire Pro 5.5.4 Can Handle Download Magnet Links From Bitzi

But I Tried To Download With BitComet 1.23 But It Cant Its Says Url Format Error

But Actually I Dont Like Limewire Because Its Usage 99% From CPU

Here The Link Page:

My link

Here Is Magnet Link:


Is There A Fix In The Next Version For This?

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BitComet is saying that the url is improperly formatted. µtorrent balks at it too.

Are you claiming that the format is correct, that Limewire was able to download this link? (We can't tell. now that LimeWire is dead.)

Topic moved to General Discussion until someone can show that it is a bug.

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That magnet link contains Gnutella, Kazaa and eMule hashes, so it can be useful only for those applications. A BitTorrent magnet link has to contain an info-hash value (see this wiki topic for details on accepted format of magnet links by BitComet).

You can see it also in the BT extension draft standard here.

You can check this Wiki topic for a brief description of Magnet Links and this topic for examples of "xt" parameter format used by different applications.

Since BitComet didn't find any info-hash value into that link it stands to reason that it couldn't use it.

So, where do you see a bug in there?

Perhaps it would be a better idea to document yourself a bit and where you don't know or don't understand better ask, before jumping to wrong conclusions. B)

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BitComet currently supports any magnet link that contains a properly structured bittorrent url, whether from Bitzi or anywhere else.

It doesn't support magnet links that don't have any bittorrent urls, such as the one you cited,.

So, no, there are no plans to make it support Kazaa urls or Gnutella urls or anything like that, in any future versions.

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If you want that the links from Bitzi to be supported by BitTorrent clients then you'll have to advocate on their site, that they include BitTorrent info-hashes in their magnet links, as well, along with the current hashes.

Other than that, there is little probability that this will work soon.

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