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seeing which trackers other peers are using for same torrent

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Is there a way to peek in the tracker-list of other peers for the same torrent during download? I get the urge sometimes to spy on other peers tracker-list for the same torrent to see if they got any trackers i have not.

Sometimes you have a torrent that downloads but not quite as fast as the other peers in your peer-list. Sure other peers might use cable or BC is blocked by some IP's. But I suspect it might have to do with not knowing about the good trackers for the same torrent.

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Peer exchange does exactly what you want, better. I don't know what you think "better tracker" means, but all a tracker does is keep track of the peers in a swarm and give a peer list to everyone that asks for it. Nothing more nothing less. A better tracker would be a more stable one, etc. Why would you need someone's tracker list when you already have the peer list of everyone you connect to, that have this option enabled?

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They probably have killer upload speeds too. BT protocol being a tit-for-tat one, it stands to reason that the download speed would be proportional to how much they upload.

BT clients automatically, (by trial and error) pair themselves with alike peers, that is to say, if you have a high bandwidth connection your client will have a tendency of pairing itself with others who have similar ones.

A very high upload speed also opens the possibility for the client (which manages upload slots automatically) to open more upload slots simultaneously, thus unchoking more peers and in consequence, getting in response higher download speeds.

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