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Some IMPORTANT BItComet Gui Improvement Suggestions


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Hello there everybody.

I would like to suggest some improvements in BitComet Gui.

1: First thing that i would focus on is the primitive looking floating window. I would suggest that it should be upgraded to some 3d style just like the floating window of "FlashGet download manager" FlashGet

2: Secondly the floating window should be, if possible, updated on a 500ms basis. It would be really good when combined with the 3d Styled floating window.

3: Thirdly the login panel at the bottom left corner of the BitComet window should be updated a bit more early. Like after 5 minutes or something. It takes really long time and sometimes even a restart of Bitcomet is required to update it.

4: There should be an option to export the magnet links to text file that we get from the other peers who have enabled the torrent share option.

5: Again like the FlashGet software that i mentioned above, the Bitcomet should allow to add a background image for the ListView Control that shows the list of tasks.

Thanks a lot to the team Bitcomet for providing such a wonderful software. I hope that these improvements would be in active consideration.



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I'm pretty sure he means that after you have downloaded the torrent file via the Magnet Link, you should have the option to write the torrent file to disk somewhere.

This is a good thing to do, so that if you need that torrent file again for whatever reason, you don't have to start all over finding the magnet link online somewhere, if you can even remember where you got it.

BitComet already has this functionality.

This is part of what is going on when BC asks that you specify a save location for the torrent file when you use a magnet link. You can then right-click on the task, and a menu item appears, "Save Torrent As", which will allow you to save the .torrent file wherever you like.

(Though I admit that I'm baffled by the idea that somebody would want to "export to a text file". No clue what this is all about.)

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laugh.gifWell i feel happy to see that you guys pay attention to the forum members. May Allah bless you.I think i couldn't explain option no 4. Well as you know that Bitcomet provides the torrent share feature. Whenever i download, there is a good list of torrents generated in the torrent share window. So i was talking about that list. Sometimes when Bitcomet accidantly stops or restarts then the whole list is gone. I use the option that does not allow the list to be deleted, but in this way there is a huge list generated after some hours and eventually causes the slow working of bitcomet gui. If we select all the torrents in the list by pressing Ctrl+A then the only useful option that appears by right click is the "Copy Magnet URI". So all Uri's get copied to the clipboard but then what? I have to save them to some file say .txt file so later on i may be able to check them. Bitcomet should offer the feature to export all the magnet uri's with their associated snapshots "those which we have downloaded by clicking on Snapshot tab" , and with their ratings in STARS like 5 star or whatever. I don't say that the exported file type be .txt file. However it can be a special file type like *.BcURIList which would contain all the magnet uri's collected through torrent share.Hope it would be helpful for you to understand.post-59257-1290118291845.png

And please consider the suggestions regarding a 3d look of floating window.

Thanks a lot.


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Torrentshare is dynamic and active.

You can't save the list and use it later, because it depends entirely on the peers that you are currently connected to.

When you restart, the list vanishes because you are no longer connected to any of those peers. Since those peers are where a shared torrent would have to come from, you can't get any of them anymore.

Now it may be that you can rejoin a swarm where some of the previous peers are still involved, but it still requires you to be currently connected to them to use torrentshare. If you somehow saved it, it would be useless unless that particular peer were connected to you -- in which case, you wouldn't need the saved list anyway as you would get it directly from that peer.

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Just to add to what the others have said, from a practical point of view, saving the URIs into the clipboard is much better then exporting them into a file. That goes, not specifically for the torrents in the Collection window (for the reasons explained by kluelos above) but for other ones (i.e. Task List, Torrent History or Torrent Share).

Form the Clipboard you can paste them in ANY place you want (i.e. a text file, a messenger window, an email, a blog, a website or whatever else written form you can think of) thus making this a much more versatile method that will suit everybody's needs as opposed to the one you propose, which would suit a much narrower niche of users (such as yourself).

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