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please help me on upgrading of my laptop ram


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i am going to upgrade the RAM of my laptop ( Sony VAIO VGN-FE590P ) to maximum capacity ! (current 1gb)

and my knowledge on this subject is very low i really need your help ?

also i don't know , how can i check whether a DDR3 RAM is supported by my laptop or not ?

my laptop specification :



what is the best RAM that i can use ?

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Your laptop's manual will tell you what sort of memory it requires.

I suggest that you not try to do this yourself. If you didn't know to read the manual, you are almost certainly not qualified to try to install additional memory. It is quite easy to damage things in the process from not knowing what you're doing.

There are quite a few books and videos out there, about how to upgrade your computer. You need to get them, study them, take an old computer apart, learn how it fits together, and be prepared to make some mistakes before trying to tackle your primary laptop, unless you can afford to lose it and everything on it completely.

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The marketing specifications here, are a bit vague, it says it supports ddr3 but the installed memory is ddr2, also the maximum you can put in it is 2 x 1GB@533Mhz. To tell exactly what you can put in it, look at this picture:


and use a ruler (in metric units) to measure the modules it has in it.

If you don't know how to change a memory module, follow the User guide (page 118) found in the link above.

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Hello everyone...

You forgive for my interfering ... but I am thinking about being able to contribute some idea the following thing.

shekofte from what I have read I am thinking about knowing that what you want is more an optimization of your PC (suppose that for problems of fluency of the image) Bearing in mind that you already arrange of 2GB of memory RAM (indispensable requisite) to move minimally an operating system as Vista or Windows7, I would advise you to choose to incorporate a graphic card (minimum 512Mg).

With this, not only you will liberate of work your principal RAM, if not that also you optimize the tasks of execution of your operating system, (because there stays more memory available RAM to move these processes) This way, you liberate to your principal memory, obtaining this way a notable optimization.

Unfortunately many people think that to put memory RAM ((to the limit)) it optimizes his PC, ((slightly completely erroneously)).

I believe that it is much better, to know what possibilities your PC has, and to extract the yield adapted with head.

Not for putting an engine Ferrari to a Skoda, this one will run to 250 Km/h... at least without entire risk of smashing against the first tree

Greetings, and I'm sorry again for my interfering in your debate ;)

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Thank you shekofte:

Surely this information, not only it is useful, but you clear me the doubts about the problems that you have.

The first thing to say to you that in an error of mine of interpretation, I gave made that your operating system was Windows Vista, but concentrating on the pictures of dialogue that you show us here, I see that we speak about the Xp, something that gives us very much more possibilities of optimization.

In your problem we have as advantage that we have a processor of 1,83Gz, which is not badly at all, and that will allow us to extract more yield.

Also we have two Slots to 512MB RAM 266 DRAM DDR2, with a whole of memory of 1024MB (quite scarcely) And a card Nvidia Gforce of 64MB (Also quite poor for what you want).

Now when you would have to bear in mind the fact is that, not for many RAM that goals to your PC, you will obtain more results. First of everything, because your Xp is of 32Bits, which he wants to say that as much the operating system might recognize a maximum of one after you 3GB to 3,5GB (maximum).

MY particular advice (of course is debatable for the friends and experts of this forum) it is the following one.

Bearing in mind all the factors I would choose for this configuration: Replacement for two modules of memory RAM of 1GB DDRAM 667 DDR2(for module) with what we would obtain 2GB entire. (Information here)

Card charts … Ej.: (Gforce 310/m) 1GB memory RAM

With these simple changes you should obtain a worthy optimization of a PC to the conditions that you wish and I believe that for an economic quantity asumible..

I hope that it should serve you as help.

P.D. I ask for excuses for my English evil :wacko:

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i am sincerely , mr cansogain for you guide

just i must mention the vram of my laptop is 256 mb (gforce go 7400) but i don't know why it showed it 64 mb !

for example i played "devil may cry 4" in the minimum configuration on my laptop as test and it worked fine but a little slow !

also if you find some useful tips or admonishment on the hardwares of my pc , appreciated ? (may be helpful in future as a knowledge)

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Hola shekofte:

Perdona por la tardanza, estaba esperando a la vuelta de cassie, creo que merece más la pena, pues ella realizará una traducción mucho más comprensible que la que yo hacía.

Por lo que puedo entender, me pides algunos consejos mas de cara al futuro, para una mejor optimización de tu pc.

En principio y dando por hecho que aumentes la RAM de tu PC (más o menos) de la manera que te comente en el anterior post, poco mas se puede hacer.

Xp Sp3, de por sí, ya es un sistema muy estable y realmente eficiente, lo único que si puedes hacer, teniendo en cuenta que ya dispones de una RAM más que aceptable, es a nivel de interface.

Un programa como Bricopack Ultimate 2.1, da a tu PC un aspecto realmente atractivo y más elegante. (gratis)

A parte de esto, y aunque no soy muy amigo de programas de optimización tipo TuneUP, PcOptimicer… etc. Si creo que un buen mantenimiento cada cierto tiempo (unos 15 días) es bueno para un mejor funcionamiento.

Para ello te aconsejo el Programa cCleaner V 3.02.1343. Un programa provisto de una interface fácil de comprender y muy sencillo de manejar. (gratis)

Tener siempre actualizado tu Windows Xp es algo importante, la gente tiene la mala costumbre de no hacer caso de estas actualizaciones, algo que realmente (a mi parecer) es un gran error.


Hello shekofte:

I'm sorry for the tardiness - I was awaiting cassie's return, which I think is worth more [to wait], as she'll make a much more comprehensive translation than I was doing.

From what I can understand, you're asking me for some advice for better optimization of your computer in the future.

In theory, and taking for granted that you'll increase your PC's RAM (more or less) in the way that I mentioned in the previous post, not much else can be done.

XP SP3, in itself, is already a very stable OS and truly efficient. Bearing in mind that you already have a more than acceptable RAM, the only thing that you can do is at the interface level.

A program such as Bricopack Ultimate 2.1 (free), gives your PC a really attractive and more elegant aspect.

Besides this and, although I'm not very keen on optimization-type programs (TuneUP, PcOptimicer… etc.), I do believe that good maintenance every so often (about every 15 days) is good for better performance.

Para ello te aconsejo el Programa For this, I suggest cCleaner V 3.02.1343, which is a program that provides an easy-to-understand interface and is very simple to use. (free)

Always having your Windows XP updated is something important. People have the bad habit of not paying attention to these updates and it's really (in my opinion) a big error.


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