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No score or info being displayed in panel on bitcomet 1.25


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Good Evening

For a while now when opening up Bitcomet 1.25 i get in the panel where your score and info would be displayed i get the Bitcomet symbol and also "Connecting to server". I also get a pop up window asking me to download a file and when you do it takes you to word???

My Version of bitcomet is 1.25

My Internet connection is ADSL DL= 11Mb/s and Up=.84Mb/s

I have a sky sagem router and my port is forwarded not that this will affect my issue.

I'm using Windows 7, My firewall is with AVG11 as well as my antivirus

My Browser is Firefox 3.6.13 which i have recently changed from IE hence the problems. within Bitcomet i have all the intergration set up as you as well

I hope i have placed this in the right place, if so please help i have searched the forums but couldn't find anything hence this message


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I think this is a system configuration problem. To verify, downgrade to a known-previously-working version of BitComet (just copy over the existing files) and see if the problem still occurs.

If so, something changed the way your system handles web files.

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I'm thinking if this problem only started when you changed your default browser from IE to Firefox, that the problem lays there. If so, I think uninstall/reinstall of bitcomet (same version) might fix the problem.

As for the file your prompted to download, can you tell us the name and extension of the file? It could be a weblink to open the "server" pane in bitcomet that firefox is grabbing a hold of and saving as an html document, and I know if you don't have a default application to handle that file it may open in word. If this is the case, you have a file association problem, but lets get your bitcomet setup properly first and see if that problem goes away.

Of course kluelos suggestion of a previous version of bitcomet is a good idea too, but if my assumption that the problem didn't exist until firefox was installed, then I think a reinstall of any version "should" fix it, so might as well try the current version.

The choice is yours

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The info i get is as follows pop up box asking to open save or cancel this file?


name: is passport_info_en_us.mht

type: IE.AssocFile.<HT, 26.1kb

From: C:\Users\Shane\appdata\roaming\bitcomet\fav

If i open i get what should be in the bottom left but as word document, i then get another pop up box but the only difference is the type: IE.AssocFile.MHT, 12.5kb

hope this helps for now. From your experience which Explorers are the best to work with???

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