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Hello all, wow im confused


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In the last couple of days I have installed BitComet, created a static port for my computer, opened ports in router and allowed BitComet in my CA ISS 2010. I thought the hard work was done but when I search a torrent through xyz index site and find one with good comments I try to download by right clicking and selecting download with BitComet. The download is less than 100kb, not the 700+ mb. Again Im confused. I will read more on this forum but assume I'm missing something really small that makes my download to be an html file rather than the movie. Yikes, any help appreciated. Hence my user name "CrazzyOne" as I think I might be at the end of all this. :) TIA

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This belong to BitComet General section, so I'll move it there.

The key phrase in your whole post is:

I try to download by right clicking and selecting download with BitComet.

By right-clicking on WHAT?

If you right-click on a link to a HTML page instead of a link to a .torrent file, that's what BitComet will download. Because, it can't guess what you WANT to do, it usually does what you TELL it to do. My hunch is that you right-clicked on a link in the search results page, without actually going first to the torrent download page.

BTW, a single click on the download link for the .torrent file is all that takes. You don't even have to bother to right-click and then add the extra step of selecting something from the context menu. Unless you like that way better.

Anyway, you'll find ALL the possible methods to add a task into the Task List, in the guide that cassie gave you.

So, give it a look and happy torrenting.

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