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Appearance of files on the desktop in the time of download

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I always use BitComet client. The problem has appeared after the reinstall of client. The problem is that dozens different files and folders appear on the desktop in the time of downloading. Tehir names are "Downloads.xml", "Arch", "Torrents" etc. Checked - When you delete a folder "Torrents", download stops and there is a complete freeze of system. I tried to move these files and folders to another location and then to delete them from the desktop - the effect is the same - loading stops and the client hangs. How to decide this problem?

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We have a topic titles "READ THIS before posting". There are links to it all through the forum, and also in my signature, and because you haven't provided all the info, I can't fully diagnose your problem, and the best I can do is give you some educated guesses.

The files/folders you speak of are used by bitcomet, and they normally don't save on your desktop, so you likely have some improper settings or corrupt configuration files, but since various bitcomet version and windows versions operate differently, both together and independently, it makes it hard to be specific in your case.

Deleting the "torrents" folder will make bitcomet crash. thats the folder it uses to store your torrent file during download. In older version it was stored in one place, then in newer version the location is dependent on your windows version, user account controll settings etc, so it gets a bit complicated.

I'd say at your point, and without knowing all the details, the best I can suggest is you do this.

Uninstall bitcomet.

Delete the folder it was installed in...

by default this will be

c:\program files\bitcomet (for 32bit windows versions)

c:\program files (x86)\bitcomet (for 64bit windows versions)

Once that folder is deleted, then delete the files on your desktop. Then go to bitcomet.com and get the latest version (optionally your welcome to use older versions if you prefer one of them), and do an install.

This will likely sort out your problems.

If your still having problems, reply with all the required information and any other info you think might be useful.

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