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can't open links 7/10 times, unless i click a second time .. .

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7/10 whenever i click on a link nothing happens..

i have to click twice, then the page opens .. .

I previously had tdss but its been disabled by malwarebytes/dr.cureit/tdsskiller (kaspersky)

& i even reinstalled a fresh version of cometbird using fx 3.6.13

I don't know what's wrong .. .

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Look at your system mouse settings to see if your double-click speed has been changed or needs adjusting.

You should also test with FireFox to see if you have the same issue with it, or whether it's just CometBird.

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The double click speed, right ?

answer: that makes no sense to me.

why ? very simple:

if i click on any object, IT SHOULD BE SELECTED regardless of the speed i give or not to my clicks ..... .

& we ain't discussing about folders here, but urls, so in the case i'd click on a url, the result would be,

instead of a selection, the opening of a page, regardless of the speed.

what you talk about only affects urls in word processors or notepads, that require double clicking

to open a page & launch the "browser" .. .

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Because if your settings are too sensitive for your system, then single-clicks can be interpreted by the system software as double-clicks when you don't intend them to be -- which is why you should have checked the setting.

You'd probably do better not to just dismiss anything you don't understand. It discourages people from being willing to try to help you.

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I was right, nothing to do with my system settings for my mouse .. .

I uninstalled the two extensions already installed in cometbird,

& disabled bitcometagent .. .

My url clicks are never bypassed now.

My guess is .. .

one of the addons i install is provoking a conflict with one of the three

addons built in cometbird .. .

which one ? i don't know, but i suspect a conflict between your speed tweaks .. .

with one of my addons: fasterfox 3.9.1 .. .

Could you please remember me which extension comes with cometbird besides

the video downloader ?

I'm going to try to re-enable them, re-add them one by one & see which one

causes the mouse conflicts .. .

also, could you tell me the aim of bitcometagent ?

& where can i find the two other extensions i uninstalled

without reinstalling cometbird over .. .


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it's ok, i'm not a tester, i'm not here to test for others, & i don't have days to spend on it, i just got rid of cometbird, it was also causing stupid compatibility issues in terms of folder locations, as when i install quicktime lite 4.1 & the folder of firefox isn't automatically found .. . so i had to move dlls manually & make sure i move the right ones. i'm done with cometbird, good continuation.

ps: you can delete this post if it didn't make much sense to you, since i'm not going to read it anymore. life is short & i have better things to do. bye

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Oh dear... the loss of such a contributive file-sharer in the P2P Community!! Whatever shall we silly, hard-working, altruistic and (*gasp*) non-paid members of said Community ever do without him?? :o

I know!! We'll just continue (we don't seem to have anything better to do) to think of, develop, create, test (over and over and over again), iron-out glitches and provide a completly free product, so that others - grateful, understanding, non self-centered beings that they are - can come and plod their way directly to "enlightenment"...

Alas... what a hard blow to our self-esteem, to be dismissed by a higher (albeit, somewhat amnesic) form of intelligence... <_<

(I think that I'm going to close this thread, in an attempt to prevent others from feeling erroneously "inferior"...)

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