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Hi all,

I'm new to the forums but i have been using BitComet from Public Beta,

And i noticed that in version 1.2x you now have a Remote Control AKA a Web User Interface,

Well i'm a web developer and i would like to create a system thats more user freindly or more like the client to allow users a friendly control but i cant seem to locate the files served is it part of the client core code or is there some ware on the system that holds them so i can have a look and maybe make a better interface for the users?

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Hi Guys,

I have proved a Basic HTML Layout for what i was thinking,

If some one cant point out where the BitComet files are of if some one from the Comet Team could me a version where it can serve HTML files insted i will finish it and give it to them.

But Any feedback for the First Alpha Version

Please note Alfa is none working it is only an example of UI


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You misspelled "downloading". BitComet is not open-source, it's proprietary and the interface isn't exposed for modification or substitution. No one else can make modifications to it.

If you have suggestions for changes you'd like to see in any part of the application, you can make them in the Feature Requests forum.

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and i know Bit Comet is closed source, but i was thinking maybe the Web Server files were not compiled into the application. maybe there were in the appdata like uTorrent.

Or if not if they could build me a client that uses an APPDATA folder so i could build it then i give the code to them for them to compile into the application for release

Hope i could be involved in BitComet with my Web Developer Skills

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Another couple of small fixes in place these are to make it more like an application.

Version 0.0.3a (alpha)

Fix: Blocked Selection of text

Fix: Blocked the control key (so select all key don't work)

Style: Selected and hover Blue was HTML default is now the Color used by Windows

Style: When First torrent is selected there was a White gap this has now been removed.

Style: Torrent List is now 20px per torrent to look more like BitComet Client from 25px

WebUI (0.0.3a).zip

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