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ie cannot display when use bitcomet 0.70

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I use bitcomet 0.70 and win xp sp3,every time i open bitcomet dl a task , ie was unable to open any site.

i have a belkin router ,pc with bitcomet via ethernet connetion.

i did portforward, but with nod 32 running when use bitcomet.

No static ip cos i cant see any different...

dl speed is ok after 5 mins ,ONLY thing is i cannot use the ie...!!

please advise..!!

i'd been having this problem for a long long time.

Many many thanx !!!

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i cannot sign in or goto Any website at all ,i need to wait for DL finish then use ie,i notice the Half open(under TCP ) is 20 all the time.

i'd been using BC for many yrs,slow speed (ie)when running BC for the first 15 mins before i update SP3 ,since i update SP3 ,this problem begin,is there anything to do with the SP3 update ??

thanx again !!

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Can you make an effort, concentrate five minutes and actually answer the questions I've asked you?

We have no known reports of IE not working in conjunction with BitComet and SP3. Actually I'm using XP SP3 (except with the last version of BC) and browsing the Internet works fine.

Therefore I doubt that the reason lies there. Unless there is something going wrong in your Windows installation.

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You're not making this easy at all.

Messenger and e-mail are not sites (at least that's not what I was meaning). I was asking you if you can USE a messaging program such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN messenger while BitComet is downloading.

Also I've asked you if you can use another BROWSER like Firefox, Opera or Chrome while BC is running.

The general idea is to test if OTHER Internet-related applications can work correctly while BC is running (not just IE) or not.

So, try to give a comprehensible answer to these. And don't be so cheap with words, they're free.

If all applications prove to NOT work while BC is running, then download a ZIP version of the last BC release and run it for testing purposes, to see if it yields the same results.

Also just checking, you set your Max Global Upload rate to 20KB/s or 200KB/s?

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You can try Cometbird browser if you like.


Or FireFox


Or Chrome


In my opinion, any of these is a far better choice then IE, but even if you want to continue to use IE, there is no harm in installing any or all of these.

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