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Subtitles not converted


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MPC Star is able to play external subs. If your iPhone is capable of playing them, then you need to use a type of subtitle that it supports. Another option is to do your video encoding (converting) with "hard" subs. This is when the subtitles are encoded directly into the video, and hard subs cannot be disabled, but it might be your only option if the iPhone doesn't support external subs.

You would need to look into your conversion software options to learn how to do this.

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If this question is about MPCStar, it's in the wrong forum.

But I don't see how MPCStar is even involved in this. It's just a Windows player and has nothing to do with the conversion for the iPhone, with or without subtitles.

Does this belong in the general questions forum?

(Edit) I am assuming that you used MPCStar to transcode the file to MP4.

That being so, I'm moving this to the MPCStar forum.

Conversions aren't MPCStar's strong suit, and I wouldn't expect it to handle subtitles properly, when I'm not even sure how to do that for the iPod. I would suggest handling the subtitle conversion separately, after boning up on what you have to do. You may want to use something else entirely for the whole job.

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