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Hash Checkat Every Restart 1.26


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I had 1.23 and I updated to 1.26.

Hash check at every restart started.

I exported the task list.

I reverted back to 1.23. Imported the tasks. The problem went on.

I used "save torrent as..." for every task.

I uninstalled 1.23. Restarted. Installed 1.26.

From the torrents that I saved, I created tasks one by one, waiting for each one to finish hash checking, hoping that it wouldn't hash check at every restart, but it is still going on.

Is there any way to fix this?

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Comodo Internet Security

Avast Antivirus

Cable Modem + Dlink Router (N DIR 615) (Wired Connection)

(There is another computer connected to the router, again wired, but it is not using Bitcomet or any other torrent program.)

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When BC does a hash-check at restart, it indicates that there was a catastrophic shutdown, like a program crash or system crash, manually killing the task, something that prevented BC from writing all of its cached data to disk.

BitComet is no longer certain of the status or integrity of the tasks in progress, so it tries to recheck each of them to make sure what it has so far is OK and to put the task back into a known state.

Generally, you must allow this to happen, let the hash check complete, then it should not happen anymore barring another interruption, crash or improper shutdown. If you interrupt the hash-check, BitComet will try to perform it again at the next startup. BitComet can't proceed until the task is in a known state.

If you are indeed seeing rechecks at every restart even after letting them complete last time, then you have a system problem of some sort which is indicating to BitComet that it can't trust the integrity of the download so far. When you are about to shut down, take a look at BitComet first, and see whether the tasks are showing errors. If they are, you need to deal with those before shutting it down.

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When my computer was open, I closed Bitcomet, and started Bitcomet again.

(Some tasks were still waiting for the hash check up).

After I started Bitcomet again, all the tasks were stopped. (Even though Auto-resume at every program startup is selected.)

I chose all the tasks again, and they started all downloading without any hash check.

(Even though before I closed the program, there were some tasks waiting for a hash checkup).

Maybe, this thing will help more to identify the problem.

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BitComet can be deceived like this, but it's actually a bug and probably should be fixed. Once something happens that puts a task into hash-check, it should stay in that condition until the check successfully completes.

You should also have the option to perform a final check when the download completes, enabled. No error checking system is foolproof, but the Bittorrent hash system is far, far better at detecting and correcting problems that just about anything else that's been tried so far. (Ask me about loading programs from cassette tapes, and dealing with checksum errors sometime. Ten miles. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.)

Some of these torrents might contain errors, so if you have it automatically do the final hash check, it will catch them then.

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One more additional info.

I realized that Bitcomet sometimes starts hask checking all tasks after one or more tasks completed.

And the option "Move completed files to" is selected on mine with "move only from the default directory".

I am just giving it as an extra information.

Thank you for your replies by the way.

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Hey , i have the same problem as post starter, but after reading the awnser i know why. But not how to solve the problem.

My bitcoment 1.26 crash every couple of hours. its the only program that does crash on my pc. iv tried re-instaling it, but that did no good.

The weird thing is, there i no windows error recorded of the program crashed. Its allmost like its just been closed.

The big problem is that the downloads stop ofc. and that cuss the program records is as a cathstrofic event, its need to do do hash checks agein, if u have like 500 bg downloading it will take ages, and few hours after completing the hash checks.. it will just close agein, and the same thing has to be done all over.

Iv used bitcoment for years, iv been VERY happy with it. In my case all this started after installing 1.26

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All versions of BitComet ever released have been betas. There has never been a "final" version, not even 1.00 which was forced by the numbering scheme and was the beta release after beta release 0.99

That being so, you should always stand ready to revert to an earlier version if you encounter problems with a current release. Downgrading is usually easy, just overwrite the new version with the old. You should have a stable version that works for you, which you don't really upgrade from unless you find another stable version. This is why we still have some people running version 0.70 -- it was rock solid.

If downgrading makes the problem go away, it's a good idea to report the problems you found with the new version, in the bug reports forum. While there are too many reported bugs that are really operator errors, "previous version x.x didn't have this issue" is generally a good indicator.

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If a member feels they have the same problem this member has, it doesn't mean they should jump in the middle of this members post and interrupt it by asking for help. Your welcome to offer assistance to the member, but don't attempt to request support in another members topic.

All members should make their own topic after reading the "READ THIS before posting" and provide all the required info.

In a case where there is a common problem, we will surely make an announcement about it, but similar issues can be completely unrelated, so don't assume you have the same case another member may have.

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