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Anti Rubbish Data Idea

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I Use The Latest Update Bitcomet 1.26

I Have ADSL 512 KPPS

I Have Repotec Router RP-IP2401A

I Have Symantec Norton 360 v2 Working Charm With Forwarded Ports

I Have Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3

I Forwarded My Port And Its Green Means Working

Hi Im Downloading A Unique Torrent I Mean I Don’t Find It Anywhere Else And Its About 3 GB

The Downloading Was Good But When It Become 50% I Noticed That There Is Many Share Ratio Fakers

(Share Ratio Faker Is Software Is Being Used By User To Increase Share Ratio By Virtual Way That Means Its Make Fake Seeds)

I Tried Ip Filters/Blockers But Still No Luck To Block These Ips

Please Make A Automatic System That Detect Fake Seeds (Rubbish Data) And Ban/Block Their Ip

Through Tracking Packets That Incoming From Ip And Block It

Here A Sample Error From Log File:

Downloaded piece #597 failed in hash check, 4096 KB dropped.

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This isn't really feasible. Rubbish data <> fake seeder.

Rubbish data is most often corrupted on the way from the sender to the receiver. Because the internet is a packet-switched system, all routes from here to there are dynamic and constantly changing. So if the traffic was going through a node in Iceland that was pretty bad (due to weather or whatever), then later traffic reroutes through the Canary Islands and is just fine, it would be dumb and self-defeating to block the IP of the sender (in Italy) when none of the corruption was his fault.

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BitComet (and most BitTorrent clients for that matters) has such a mechanism of sorts. That is, if a peer sends too much bad data, it will be choked by default for a predetermined interval, after which it may become unchoked again.

BitComet can't asses by itself with 100% certainty which is the reason for receiving bad data, so in case the bad data was received due to poor network performances it makes sense to unchoke the peer after a while, to see if it improved or not.

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Torrent Ratio Keeper is sucker-bait.

Other peers have no way of learning what your upload/download ratio is, nor do they make any of their transfer decisions based on it. Indeed, how could they? The information is never shared by the tracker with anyone. The structure of the metafiles clients and trackers exchange is rigidly defined, and ratio information is simply not a part of it.

if you have a high torrent ratio, you can get more seeds and speed up your downloads.
is a lie from the seller. That's not how bittorrent works, nothing in the world can compel a seeder to give you more pieces, and for most torrents and trackers, you get the vast majority of your pieces from other leechers, not from seeders. in the first place.

This is a line of plausible-sounding bullshit intended to sucker you into paying for the thing. It actually won't do a thing for you that you can't do for yourself by proper configuration.

This is also completely orthogonal to the issue of rubbish data.

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