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  1. 1. who thinks a remote app for the ipod/ iphone would be a good idea?

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i was sitting here minding my own buisness when it hit me why get up every time i want to pause the movie ( my computer is litterly across the room i have it hooked up via a vga cable to my flat screen) why dosent the makers of mpcstar make an remote app for it? i cant be the only one who hooks there laptop up to a tv and gets annoyed with it. what do you think?

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Because there's no standard way to do this, no generic interface toolbox for remote-control devices, to write to.

Perhaps you should simply get a small wireless keyboard, and use it for hotkey control. Since this is such a simple, cheap and complete solution to the issue, it hardly seems worthwhile to spend the same money on an actual, and far more limited, remote control device.

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Another device you might find a much better solution is a media player device such as MvixUSA's ultio pro, or Western Digital TV Live box. They will hook upto your TV and play any kind of video direct from a harddrive, or streaming on your LAN (ethernet or wifi). The former will accept an internal Harddrive or external, but cost a bit more then the latter (usb external drive only).

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