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Which is the best Torrent site?


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I was introduced to bitcomet last year. Having used Kazaa and Limewire in the past, discovering bitcomet was fantastic, I have never had a virus from it and there seems to be a much bigger selection out there.

I have noticed a list of torrent sites down the left hand side of the screen, however most of them seem to be subscription sites which would have to register or/and pay for. Firstly, in the next BitComet update, could we please just have free sites; and secoundly who knows which is the best site to download from?

I have been using Pirate Bay and Isohunt, but the search results sometimes come up negative. So I end up doing a google search for the music/film and simply write torrent at the end.

Which are the best sites to use? I want the best selection, best quality and most seeders.

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I know of no torrent sites that you have to pay for. Are you sure your not clicking on an advertisement for some other type of service, rather then trying to download the torrent?

As for the best public torrent site/tracker, I'd have to say Demonoid.me, its more like semi public, you can use it as a guest, but to get all functions and search all torrents you need to have a free account. Registration is either by Invitation, or if you check the site every day, you'll get in, most likely within a month. Thats about how often they open registration, but it's well worth it.

IsoHunt is also good. It's a search engine, not a tracker. It will list most public torrents, both good and bad, but a site like demonoid is pretty well moderated and bad content is quickly removed and the uploader banned. You can usually count on safe content from them.

Regarding Viruses and other malware. BitComet cannot get you a virus, but downloading malicious files can, so its upto you to be careful, and if you do get infected, you can't blame bitcomet, it only downloads what you tell it to download.

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If you go to the VIEW menu and uncheck "Favorites", that whole pane disappears.

This is the way I normally run BitComet.

The sites listed on the pane are badly out of date. For example, Mininova is still listed even though its status changed over a year ago, and that was mentioned in these forums. This list is at least that far out of date. Further, if you DID put any of your personal favorites on the BitComet list (difficult, but not impossible) they'd be wiped away if BitComet ever did update the list.

Mostly, you should ignore the site list. Although BitComet contains a built-in browser, it's an ancient version of MSIE. Don't use it. Instead use your normal web browser to find the torrent sites you like, and bookmark them in the normal manner.

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i like torrentz i use it a lot of time...and BTjankie...sumotorrent.com can send u to anther torrent site....isohunt.....but if you searching for the good quality and the most seeders....i think the most of torrent have the both ..the best and the faq... :huh: :huh:

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