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I do not think that my Comet ID is functioning normally. For the past week I have downloaded stuff and my EXP bar does not get any EXP. Could this be a bug? I have signed out and in many times and still there was no difference. Can someone help? I am stuck on my current level:


Score: 44691



As you see I cannot see my LEVEL & TILE in BitComet. I can access my Comet ID via Website then I see my current stats. Still my stats has not changed and i downloaded quite a bit.

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darx66, your in the right hands. Lucy works for the development team in China, and since none of our staff have seen this issue, she is best able to help you.

I don't want to interrupt her helping you, and it is the weekend so she probably won't reply until monday. However, if I had this problem, I think I would backup all my settings, uninstall bitcomet, then go to the installation folder in your "program files" or "program files x86" (if you have a 64bit windows version) and delete the BitComet folder. Then when you reinstall, none of your previous configuration files will be loaded and it "may" fix the problem.

I'd also make sure your not using any type of IP filtering system like Peer Guardian/Peer Block, or protowall, or anything that can block connections to our servers.

If you want to try this, then please report back with exactly what you did and any change it may have caused. Also expect Lucy to reply on monday.

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Go to "control Panel" and "Internet Options" (see screenshot).

Note that the problem is most likely a setting or program that is blocking scripts from running. Resetting to default is the easiest solution, but isn't required if you can figure out what setting is blocking the script. Unfortunately determining that would be exceedingly difficult of us to determine without direct access to your system.


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If you want to know your title, log in at cometID.com. If your that concerned with seeing the little icons in your cometID pane, then you're going to have to figure out what has changed on your Internet explorer settings to block the images, but in my opinion, it hardly seems worth the effort, your score and rank are still displayed, so you're not missing anything.

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