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Bit Torrent sites issue


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Hello I am a nube and I did not know where to start so I apoligize for posting if info was in Faqs etc.

My issue is this i had your excellent program earlier today and was having some issues with a site i was using and at that time all of the torrent sites you supply on your list were working but since i had to uninstal your program to fix error on some thing else to clean it up when I went to reinstall i was rejected a few times to instal but I got that cleared up but i still can't use the torrent site list like Piratebay for one i click it and double click it and it will not open, i know they sometimes are having problems so I try other sites but they are the same nothiong on your list works.

Is it a setting issue or something else the only other thing I added was the Peer blocker to block shall we say unwanted visitors to my IP( i already had one slap on the wrist from my provider before your site so I am trying to be careful I had left my other torrent site open over night and that was how they tracked me) can you help recktify the issue....


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First stop is to disable blocking http protocol in your peerblock program. This should allow you to reach websites. There is no need to block http when using BitComet. All peers (good or hostile) will connect using tcp or udp protocols, not http.

Second, you may have a block list installed that is blocking IPs used by bitcomet to maintain your Comet ID stats. Comet ID is not required for you to use bitcomet, but in some cases it can greatly increase your speed, so if you want to use it, you can make an "allow list" that contains a list of our IP addresses. This will override any block lists that may be blocking our servers.

The IPs you need to include in the allow list are posted here...


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