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how to set the tasks in bitcomet to start automatically


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Hello buddies

I am Dogra....I am using BitComet 1.26 on Windows 7. I am using AVG 11 free edition as antivirus.

I want my pc to start downloading the tasks automatically whenever I switch on my pc......though bitcomet start automatically when i had started the pc but tasks have to be started mannually......thank you all in advance.....

the bitcomet and torrents have changed the way I live....consume music and movies....now I have them more and also the only the best stuff which i like...not what the tv channels force on us....cheers to bitcomet....


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Multiple posts with the same question won't get you more help or a quicker one, just more work for the staff who'll have to delete the duplicates. Please don't do that.

The answer to your question is in the BitComet Wiki. You can enable the behavior you describe by enabling the "Auto-resume tasks at program startup" on this page.

Most of the other problems that users encounter with BitComet are addressed too, in the BitComet Wiki, namely in the BitComet FAQ, so make sure you check that as well when you have questions.

This isn't at all an incentive for you not to post here when you have a problem, just know that if you have any urgent issue the answer may be at the tips of your hand, just a few clicks away.

OTOH whenever you post here for help, make sure that you read the "Read This Before Posting" link on top of this page, and provide all the info requested inside, in order to be able to get help as fast as possible.

Glad you like the product (we all do :)) and happy torrenting!

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thank you for your prompt response dear......the thing about multiple posting was that I had put the same post twice by mistake and I could not find the button to delete the post...I am not sure if there was any option to delete a topic started by me ......anyways thank you for the support...cheers

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The ability to edit and delete a post will expire after a set period of time. If you make a mistake in a post, you can edit or delete it, but we had a problem many times when we've asked members for additional info, and instead of replying with the info, they edited into the existing post, so we had no notification that they had replied and provided info.

If you need a post deleted, you can PM a staff member if the time limit has expired.

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