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Strange plastic doohickeys


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A tongue-depressor (or, if you like a popsicle stick)

about half an inch wide

made of brown plastic

about 2-3/4 inches long

Cut it in half and glue the halves standing upright, about 1-1/2 inches apart, onto a second flat stick. Think of a surfboard with two tombstones on it.

Put little plastic "shelves" on the uprights, about 1/4 of the way up.

Now you have the odd plastic thing that came with my new DLink router. DLink doesn't have any idea what it is, and the manual doesn't mention it. (There are other little plastic plug things, a bag of them, equally mysterious, but let's figure this one out first.)

Any ideas what this could be for? I can't make it "fit" or "go with" the router any way I try.

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I think my dlink router had something similar, I believe it's designed to hold the unit in place. The router is very lightweight and easy to knock off the table, so this thingie is designed to hold it in place. I never used it though, but I'll check the box and see if it looks like the same thing you describe.

My router is dlink 655 gigabit extreme N wifi. It's not a bad router for the price, but it won't do the superfast 5ghz "n" wifi that can do upto 450mb/s. It does do at least 150mb/s, and perhaps more, so it was a nice upgrade from my 10/100 wifi "g" (54mb/s) model. The price was very low and a dualband wifi N router was several times the price.

ps. I'll add that dlink support is worthless. They had me doing all kinds of tests and eventually reflashing my firmware to get it to work with my Verizon Fios internet, with no success. Finally telling me to replace the router. The replacement did the same thing. It took me all of 30 seconds for google to find the solution (search router model number + verizon fios). I simply had to reinstall the old dlink router and release the dhcp, then install the new one and it worked like a charm. I have our countries best internet service and they couldn't even tell me how to make it work with their product.

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I did finally figure this out,sorry, they're stands to hold the thing in an upright, on-edge position to minimize desktop space taken up. Still no idea about the little doohickeys, though.

Those stands are about the only thing about the router that DID work.

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