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[New] BitComet Beta [20110304] has been released


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Dear all,

The latest Beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it HERE.



GUI Improved: display confirm window if tasks need hash-check when started

GUI Improved: add new global option: display hash-check confirm window

GUI Improved: enhance video file capture ability of Firefox extension

GUI Changed: remove the "Don't show again" option in task remove confirm window

GUI Bugfix: the option "add to Torrent Share when opening torrent" doesn't work

GUI Bugfix: when mouse hovers on the system tray icon, the preview window of task downloading progress displayed in incorrect position

GUI Bugfix: the save folder in batch download window of BitTorrent task not been applied

GUI Bugfix: the detail info windows of download/upload size in task summary pane couldn't be able to shown up after program running for a long time

Core Improve: if the the download drive not accessible when task starts, hash-check will be skipped to avoid download progress be reset

Core Bugfix: program may crash when uploading to eMule peers using working thread for disk reading


GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when open multiple torrent files from File menu

Core Bugfix: program can only start under win7 because of a mistake in API invocation


GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when drag&drop multiple torrent files to main window or floating window

GUI Improved: remove the drop-down menu from the delete button in toolbar of Torrent History or Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: add "Show Detailed Info" option in View menu

GUI Improved: new setting in option dialog: add to Torrent Share when opening torrent

GUI Improved: display translation text of "Day" and "Hour" in task left time

GUI Improved: display recovered and dropped data size by hash-checking in task log list

GUI Improved: display used memory size in Statistics pane

GUI Improved: new setting in Advanced Option page: max number of UDP packets sent per second

GUI Improved: display upload/download speed in the left of main window's title bar

GUI Improved: display more accurate error info when opening Magnet URI of unsupported types

GUI Improved: display preview window of task downloading progress when mouse hovers on floating window or system tray icon

GUI Bugfix: "Open Forum" button in toolbar become invalid when file list is showing

GUI Bugfix: after remote connection established, the network status light turns green, but the tooltip of the light and the listening port status in Statistics pane not refreshed

GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, certain settings in Proxy page can't be saved

GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, unable to create new tag from Task Tag option page

GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, the seed number not displayed in task summary pane

Core Improve: read file in working thread after disk cache of BitComet used up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed seeding

Core Improve: slow down download speed when disk writing speed can not catch up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed downloading

Core Improve: improve uploading queue handing, to boost uploading speed in LAN

Core Bugfix: stop and restart BT task containing 0 size files will lead to unnecessary hash-checking

Core Bugfix: drop incoming peers whose listening port is unknown when their connection disconnected

Core Bugfix: files not closed after task stopped as disk space full, making those files locked for moving or removing

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.:)

Thank you for your support,

The BitComet Team

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I had reverted to 1.22 before trying this beta, so this may have changed earlier, but I am annoyed by having to repeat myself when deleting a task.

From the left-click menu, I had ALREADY chosen to just delete the task and not the files, but now BitComet asks me AGAIN whether I want to delete the task only, or all the files, and/or delete it from the torrent history.

It was OK when this dialogue was only the confirmation for "delete task and files", in that it offered me the option to delete the torrent from the history too, but when I am just deleting the task only, this dialogue should not be shown. I'd already made the choice. Don't ask me again. This confirmation dialogue should be removed. It's really annoying.

Are you sure?

Are you sure you're sure?

Are you ... etc .

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Thank you for your suggestion, kluelos. The development team will remove the left-click menu, but keep the confirmation dialog window, just in case some user will delete the downloaded file accidentally.

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