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Bitcomet strange error

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hey everyone

It's been long now since I had this problem (since v1.24) ..I dont know the reason of the problem but what i noticed is that it occurs when I update windows 7....Problem persists even after I installed the v1.26 under SP1..

Any help please ....

My PC :

Windows 7 x32 Ultimate

Kaspersky internet security 2010


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You should understand that BitComet's built-in browser is a modified version of IE5. What you're seeing in that window is an email message from IE8, rather than the CometID web site. This is something pretty clearly external to BitComet. Some system setting is bringing up this email rather than the proper site.

Since IE is so closely integrated with the operating system, all settings affect all installed versions of IE. This has long been one of its chief disadvantages.

One thing you can try is to dump IE's cache, shut it down, then clean out the "Temporary Internet Files" folder in your user directory. Maybe that will get rid of the email.

Another thing to try is a clean uninstall -- complete removal including the folder in %appdata%, then reboot -- and reinstall of BitComet.

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No Im not using any of those IP softwares......

I did what you suggested Kluelos But nothing seems to solve this problem ... i dumped IE cache using ccleaner and unstalled Bitcomet using RivoUninstaller 2.5 and get rid of all leftovers regkeys and files and so ... it aint working ....

And I noticed the same problem with SpeedBit video accelerator when window pops up while accelerating youtube....

I think its a C++ issue since when I update W7 it install c++2005 and c++2008 and my Ati CCC install c++ 2010 ....could that be the problem cause before updating windows bitcomet runs fine ....

Any other suggestions ...

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It sure could be, but you understand you're well past the point where we stop, shrug, and wish you well as you head into the sunset. This is not, at heart, an issue that BitComet can do much about.

However, you don't need the built-in browser at all. Many of us never use it, and I don't use that entire pane. I have "Favorites" unchecked in the view menu. The latest versions of BitComet will even bring the various task menus (seeding only, leeching only, all) into the main list; the suggested torrent sites have not been maintained in a long time; and I don't really bother about my CometID rank, so I don't need anything in this pane. I think the application is very uncluttered and clean without it.

That's a band-aid, admittedly, but it's the one I use.

Unless you have occasion to do a complete new install of Windows, so you can check and monitor this at each step to find out where it goes wrong, I don't think you're going to have much success tracking it down.

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Well , Kluelos i dont use that pane much either but , i bothers me when I cant find a solution for someth' .... plus i had it since v1.24 but Now it's working , I followed the link of Lucy26 and it fixed it ( +++rep )

thnx for all your replies guys ... peace...

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