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How to open new CB window without opening bookmarks in sidebar?

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Hello CB,

Loving the browser. I have searched high and low for the answer and have not been able to find it, either in this forum or via Google.

When I open a new instance of CometBird, I would just like a new window *without* opening my bookmarks in the sidebar.

Is there a way to modify about:config to enable/disable this option?

I am running Cometbird 3.6.12 on Windows XP.

Thanks very much.


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If your opening a new link, you can "right click" on that link and select to open it in a new window, or in a new tab using existing window.

Most users prefer to use tab-browsing. Many of us have nightmares from the old Internet Explorer days of having it open dozens of popups in new windows as we fight to close them and navigate to the window that we want to be in. Using tabs really will simplify browsing, so much so that even IE uses them now.

I hope this addresses our question. I was a little confused by the wording you used. It sounded like you were trying to open a new window by launching the program, like you were trying to open the program after it was already running. If so, that won't work and is unnecessary. Cometbird can open multiple windows without having the program running multiple times on your computer.

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Having bookmarks in the sidebar is also optional, you can have them in a pull-down menu -- but you can't have this both ways at once. There is no way to make separate settings for separate instances, if this is what you are trying to do.

IOW, you can have NO windows open with sidebars, or ALL windows open with sidebars, but not some of each, sorry.

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Thank you both for your quick response. Apologies for the confusion.

As an active internet businessman and computer engineer, I am online 20+ hours per day. As such, I often have two, sometimes three, browsers open simultaneously, each serving its own set of functions. I have finally gotten to the point of turning gray from Firefox's memory bloat, so I once again have picked up CB in its place, remembering its lightweight, efficient footprint. (I also run Chrome, Chromium, Safari, etc. as my projects dictate).

Within CB, yes, I do employ tab browsing and have gotten it to where I am quite happy with that setup. When I am running CB, I have both windows and tabs engaged, with each set of tabs facilitating a specific project. I open a new window (and associated tabs) for a new project.

Here, then, is the specifics of my previous question. Yes, I can click File> Open New Window to launch a new window for CB, and this works just fine.... opening without the sidebar, as desired. However, I prefer to make use of my (Quick Launch) icons and nearby navigational toolbars.. quicker, I guess. When I click on the CB icon in my Quick Launch toolbar, Cometbird opens with the sidebar, which I have to then close.

As kluelos stated in the reply, if it is true that I can have either bookmarks or sidebars, but not both.. that is fine, because I never use sidebars and would prefer to never see them.

Not a big deal, but since there seems to be an about:config option to tweak the other settings within CB to fit it a bit better to my needs, I thought I would at least ask, simply to save the few clicks necessary to close the sidebar when clicking CB from my quicklaunch.

Many thanks again -- much appreciated -- keep up the good work ;)


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