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network corupted by bitcomet


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Can anyone help me...

i have a netgear dg834 g router with 2 computers attached by cable,the one is vista the other is xp pro.

the xp pro machine is used to download with bitcomet,the problem i am having is ,if i leave it downloading

over night,in the morning,either my router is scrabled or i cant get on to the internet on either machine.

also after a problem like this,i have problems with my vista machine,the problem is i cant get on to web pages

,i have to try several time ,its not my speed,i have checked that when i can get on to a speed check site.

one strange problem i had,was if i cant get on to web pages with my vista machine,if i start downloading

with bitcomet on my xp machine,my vista machine connects to any site a want it to ....

if i uninstall bitcomet of my xp machine and reboot,every thing is back to normal,i can got to any web page

with no problems.....

Hope someone can help

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Hi, and welcome to the forums.

This section is for welcoming new members, so your support request is misplaced, but I'll try to help. In addition, you haven't provided all the required info for a support request, but you have told me enough to suspect the cause.

Basically, using peer to peer technologies, your computer has to make a large number of tcp and udp connections to both look for peers, and transfer data to/from the peers it connects to. What appears to be happening is your router is being overwhelmed with connections and is becoming unresponsive. Most modern well designed routers have no problem running even a large number of torrents, but you may have either a poorly designed one, or one that has a known problem.

The first avenue to explore is to see if your router has a firmware update available. These are often issued to address such problems.

Buying a better device is also an option.

If you must live with the router in its current state, then there are some things you can do to lessen the impact bitcomet has on it. There are two things to look at here, the total bandwidth used, and the total number of connections used.

Limiting your bandwidth is important, but you need to know exactly how much your connection provides in reality (not advertised speeds). This can be done by shutting down everything that uses the internet on all computers and opening a single webpage at speedtest.net (or similar service). Run several speed tests on several local servers and report the results.

You will likely find your upload speed is much lower then your download, so what you need to do is find your speed in kB/s (not kb/s), then limit bitcomets "global max upload speed" to about 80% of this tested maximum. This will reserve enough upload bandwidth for communications to be timely and not interrupt all web usage. It should also greatly increase your download efficiency as well.

If your still finding your router is locking up on you, you can try limiting the total number of connections bitcomet makes, but to put it simple, a routers job is effortless if all your doing is browsing websites and doing a random direct download now and then, so the worst products made should be able to handle that, but when running torrents, your asking it to handle upto thousands of concurrent connections. This is something that any good router can do without issue, so if yours cannot, I'd seriously consider replacing it.

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Thanks for your advice,i am trying your suggestion now,just one equiery,you say to use kilo bytes not kilo bits.

am i correct in thinking there are 8 bits to 1 byte,,it may be clear to a lot of people on this site but,i'm an

old age pensioner,when i went to school we didnt have computers..

I sorry for using the wrong area of this site for my problems,i was so frustrated by all that was happening OR

not happening...

Your one comment said to replace my router.this is now my third router i have tried.my first was a thomsons

speedtouch 585,that started playing up so i swaped to a siemens se587,then a friend gave me an old SKY router

( netgear)which i re-flashed to make it non SKY , then it all started again..

hopefully your suggestion will help,for a short while.

my last point is , i like all the features in the netgear,firewall,IP range setting,wifi,logging and web interface

have you any suggestion as to which router i should buy....

many thank for your help (so far)

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Yes, you are correct that one "B" (Byte) equals eight "b" (bits), so a speedtest result of 8,000kb/s would equal 1,000kB/s. BitComet measures in Bytes, most ISPs advertise speeds in bits. Speedtest.net should be able to report results in both.

I don't like to recommend any specific hardware. I've found that one manufacturer may make a model that I'm very happy with, but may not work as well for other users, or other similar models may be less reliable.

If you really want to get into the technical side of it, then you can get a router that has capability of running an open-source firmware. Here is a website for a very good firmware...


However installing their firmware will end any hopes of getting technical support from the manufacturer, but many people report much better performance using this firmware. They may even have a version that is supported by one of your routers.

Otherwise, I'd look at websites that allow buyers to comment on the performance of a router. Such reviews are often helpful, as long as you disregard the ones that obviously have no clue what they are talking about.

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