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Problem with download media Files

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I wonder why suddenly i cant download anything using media files function..

As always i download many video in web, i play the movie, left it until the end, put the cursor out to empty space and download the video...no problem until now, i just cant download the video...play the video, left it to end, then i try to download in download media files section, it just dont show any files that i can choose to download..just nothing...everywhere i point the cursor and try again, same....nothing file to download...how can i fix that?i try restart or reopen cometbird, but still same problem...i thick all 3 capture option, still no files to choose.

I already search in this forum to find any same problem as me, but i think i dont see any of it...

Im really sorry about my english, i hope you guys can understand my problem...thanks..

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Thanks for your reply..

Well i know about certain web doesn't allow user to download their file, but in this web i use to download many video with it...

Like youtube, using cometbird is best and faster to download any video without using any software downloader...

But in my case, i can't use media files function at all...its just no files to choose...only capture option...either i tick or not, there is no files below that...not even word 'no media file detected' below that...

Its something about tools that i turn off accidentally or something block it or what?

Any idea why this kind problem happen?

Thanks for concern my problem..


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There are several different ways to "embed" media in a web page. Some of these, downloader utilities can handle. Others can't be. This has been the case for as long as people have been doing video on the web.

Some sites or people don't want their video to be available anywhere else, or downloadable by anyone and so try to prevent it.

This may not be a flaw as such, just a different way of showing the video, designed to foil downloaders.

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You should try downgrading to whatever version of Cometbird you had previously, and see if that still works where 3.6.15 does not.

IF the previous version works, then it's probably something wrong with 3.6.15. If the previous version doesn't work either, then it's likely something else in your configuration, or something at the web site changed, possibly for the very purpose of foiling downloaders.

Youtube hasn't done this, but it can be tricky and frustrating to set things up properly to be able to download their videos. I usually end up having to remove all of the add-ons, then reinstall them one at a time until I figure out where I went wrong and messed up the process.

I end up with a couple of different downloaders active. (This is Firefox, not Cometbird). If one doesn't work (doesn't "see" something to download), the other usually does.

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It works when i uninstall CometBird and install the older version again, but CometBird upgrades automatically sometimes... I just wanted to inform u guys that there is a problem in the version 3.6.15 which not only I but many other users are also facing. Its not only the case for YouTube videos but version 3.6.15 cannot catch audio and flash files either. I've tried finding updates for the Add-Ons such as "BitCOmet Video Downloader" but no luck. So please see to it and corect the problem in the next release. :)

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