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MUCH SLOWER after CometID !!!!!


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Hi People,

Bit Comet says that if you don't register you still can get the same usual speed you've always got, but if you register, you get extra speed after getting points. The fact is that I've always got 1200KB/s speed from torrents seeded by 30 people or more. Today I was feeling the speed too slow and searched for very popular torrents. Well I downloaded movies seeded by more than 2000 people. The overall speed was always the same - not more then 500 or 600KB/s. I thought: something is wrong. I called the cable company to make sure that the service was OK. I downloaded form download.com through normal process and the speed was 1200KB/s. Then I found that there is this new "approach" of making people seed - that is, register to CometID to get points and "increase" the speed. I've registered and now my speed is 400KB/s maximum!!!!!!! It looks like they have offered us a very good "50% of the double" bargain. OK, now I'm sure that they limited users' speed to force us to this new CometID. I have to say that I always seed the files I download for weeks or months. And, as far as I know, everybody that uses Bit Comet was very happy, so far...

As every software that grows big always come up with new bad rules, this is no exception. TIME TO CHANGE SOFTWARE AGAIN!


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Comet ID cannot slow down a download. I can however speed up the download. All traditional bittorrent clients work the same way, they negotiate trades with other peers in order to download. What bitcomet has uniquely done is introduce the ability to get the files from other sources, and you don't have to use comet id to enable them, they are all optional with or without comet id.

I believe what your referring to is LTseed, which is a filesharing protocol developed by bitcomet that is used for downloading and uploading during the download process, but is only used for uploading during seeding when there are no bittorrent or ed2k peers to upload to.

Many of our users report great speed increases when using LTseed, and with comet ID, you can obtain a greater number of LTseed connections, which could increase your speed if there was a need for more peers to reach your maximum line speed and there were LTseed peers available, but I can assure you that if you experienced slower speeds after using comet ID, that it was a result of the peers you were connected to, not anything bitcomet has done. I can probably safely assume you have never properly adjusted your settings to match your line speed, which is the primary reason for reports similar to yours, but if you want to use another client, then please do so.

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Dear Main Admin,

I want to say that I did everything the configuration guide sugests, but the downloading didn't speed up a bit. In fact I was reaching the maximum speed my bandwidth can give me when it suddenly dropped dramatically with no changes on configuration.

Why that happens? I have no idea. All I can say is that it only happend with BitComet, as I'm still able to download at maxixum bandwidth when not using Bit Comet.

By the way. I have 10Mbps cable connection, which gives me 1250KB/s maximum bandwidth (10000Kb/s : 8 = 1250KB/s).

P.S. I don't belive the said LTseed could give me any improvement on downloading speed, as I was already reaching my maximum bandwidth. I signed CometID as an attempt to fix the sudden drop on the download speed.


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If you signed up to comet ID to fix a sudden decrease in download speed, then signing up could not have been the cause.

There could be many reasons why a torrent is slow, and it would be extremely unusual for all of your torrents to use the full download speed your ISP provides. Download speed in torrents is relative to your ability to upload. If you were using torrents seeded by high speed servers, then you may see very fast downloads, but torrents seeded by peers such as yourself will usually download at speeds relative to your ability to upload.

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It would repay you to learn how bittorrent works.

Your download speed is, and has always been primarily dependent on the composition of the swarm of peers. That is something that no client can control.

Your downloads come directly from the computers of other people, without going through BitComet's servers. If those people, those peers aren't there, or aren't really there (that's often the case when there are "thousands of seeders", i.e, they're usually fake and intended to make you waste your time in order to discourage you), then you can't receive what they're not sending.

Your computer negotiates with their computers, and all transfer decisions are *mutual*. Any torrenting computer makes hundreds of connections, but it only trades pieces with the eight best, fastest, most reliable of those that will agree to a transfer, at any given moment.

Make certain your client is tuned. Then try downloading one of the Linux distros or the Open Office Suite via bittorrent. If you've done everything properly, the download speed should approach your maximum bandwidth. If this is the case, then you know you've done all you can, and the speed issue is up to the swarm now.

The one exception to this, which anyone using bittorrent should have learned early, is that you must give in order to get, and that if your upload bandwidth on a torrent is lousy, your download speed will suffer too. If you're a lousy trade partner, you'll only get lousy partners, those that nobody else wanted. Like tends to find like. Watch your upload speed. Make sure you aren't diluting it among too many tasks. If it falls below an absolute minimum of 8 KB/s then you're either in a swarm with many seeders and few leechers, or your transfer's going to be very slow if you don't fix that.

For that, it doesn't matter in the least which client you're using.

BitComet's LT-Seeding is a bunch of little trickles of bandwidth. Now obviously, a full-on torrent is better, but if you have unused bandwidth, a bunch of trickles to fill it can help your download time a lot. IF you don't have unused bandwidth, there's nothing to fill so it won't help at all.

What CometID does for you is get you a few more trickles than otherwise. That's if, when and as there are any trickles at all.

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