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Slow when loading the homepage ?

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Hi, What is the web address of your homepage? The default page should be very quick to load, if you have changed it to a website that is overworked or slow, or is graphically intense, then there really is no way to speed it up without a faster internet connection.

We encourage users to use our homepage with is very lightweight and it helps support cometbirds development, as well as bitcomet and our other projects.

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This is an issue that Cometbird inherited from firefox. Basically the more history that is saved, the longer it takes to be loaded by your computer. Renaming the file only clears the data, the same as destroying the file. Cometbird will make a new one and begin logging your history from that point.

I use a pretty fast computer so don't really notice any delay, but if this delay troubles you, you can disable browsing history...

Tools>Options>Privacy>Cometbird will...

Then select either "never remember history" or "use custom settings for history".

You should be able to limit how fast this file grows by using custom settings, where you can limit what is saved, as well as how many days of history is saved. There is also an option to delete all history when you close cometbird.

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