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BitComet x64 installed in Program Files x86

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Can you confirm if your referring the the Beta version of bitcomet x64?

When I did a google search, I found several scams trying to sell a bitcomet x64, but this version has never been officially released, and is only in Beta Testing.

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I just installed the x64 beta version and it kept all my settings and tasks.

don't try to force it to install in x86 folder, that will only complicate things. You want only 32bit apps installed there.

BitComet will find your existing config files where ever they were in the prior version. If your beta testing an experimental release and find there is a problem with this, then please let us know and the development team will resolve it.

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I'm doing dual-boot now, which is much fun since I'm trying to keep both versions of everything pointed to the same place.

For Mozilla and Thunderbird this is actually much easier than I originally made it, by using profilemanager and experimenting a little.

For BitComet though, I end up having to use the program directory, since %appdata% is necessarily different between Win7 and XP. Doing that, I can shut down XP and boot into 7, and have bitcomet pick up right where it left off.

Having more flexibility about the data file location -- like being able to specify the full path -- would be a big step forward in many situations.

If I did install the 64-bit version, sharing like this wouldn't be possible anymore, a huge negative for me.

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how come there isn't 1.27 x64 version?

There is.

When installing on a system with 64bit windows version, your prompted with the option to install x64 bitcomet version. When selected, it installs both and you will have two start menu items so you can run either x86 (32bit) or x64 version.

Here is a recent press release about BitComet making history, being first stable x64 bittorrent client.


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