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opening port

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Hi every body,

i'm using hp laptop with windows XP (because i run delphi) and i reside in KSA with a bandwidth that was reaching up to 8Mb/s (It should be 20Mb/s as per contract).

Now the port is always green and the download is slow (it behaves as if it were yellow)

when changing the port the program do not seem to try to listen to the new port. it is green permanently and the download is slow like 75kb/s when it was before reaching 1000kb/s

i don't understand

should i change the windows?

can any body help?


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First problem is that "Cometbird" is a web browser, not a download client, so expect this topic to be moved in the near future. Second problem is you failed to include all the required info, so I can only offer you help that relates to what little info you did provide (read topic linked in my signature).

You vaguely mentioned that you have a broadband connection advertised to provide speeds of 20mbit/s, and you actually get only 8mbit/s. This is common with many ISPs actually, but not all. As for where you live "KSA", I'm not sure where that is. I could look it up but the point is that your support request should be easy for all members to understand so anyone having some insight can offer suggestions.

You mention that your downloads behave like they have a blocked port. Literally this means you have no successful incoming connection attempts, but what you actually mean (of course this is only a guess) is that they are slow... so I'll proceed on that assumption.

What you need to understand is that when using torrents, you will receive download from peers in direct relation to your ability to upload to them, so your upload speed is critical, and I suspect your max upload speed is considerably less then the download speeds that you quoted.

Also note that our "READ THIS before posting" topic has specific instructions for making support requests for speed related issues, so I can't really address this further until you confirm this is ONLY a speed related issue, and you provide a full speedtest result and all the other required info.

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