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Autorun a program when finishing download

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I havent seen a way for autorun a program/batchfile when finish downloading.

Some times I wait days or I have an importent download that I need to complete and I think that it will be grate if there will be a way to automaticly run a script that will send an SMS/Email. If there is way to do that I will be more then huppy to know about it and if not... :)

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There is no provision in BitComet for this.

You can set a script to watch the download directory, and you can enable BitComet's "Add !bc file extension to unfinished file" option.

Your script checks the directory looking for mydownload.rar.!bc If it finds the file, then it goes to sleep for a while, then checks again.

If it doesn't find the file, that means BitComet finished the download and renamed it back to mydownlad.rar, so your script then takes whatever steps you like to notify you -- pages you, emails you, sends you a text message or whatever.

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Hi,Thanks for the replay,

1.How many people know how to write a script that will do what you just wrote?

2.I want to stay working with Bitcomet.I don't want to search the web for other programs who know how to do that user friendly.

3.This is not a solution. for the software to be better and improved this option shuld be user friendly for the user.

for us (the simple users) we need it to be one of the option of the software.

it's not something complicated just to run a file/send an email at the end of each job.

As a heavy user I think that this is a very good option.

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I'm telling you how you can solve your problem. You wanted to know if there's a way to do this. I told you how to do it.

It's not BitComet's responsibility to do any of this for you, and unless there are a large number of people wanting this feature, it probably will not ever be added to any client. The developers, who work on BitComet for free, don't have enough time to implement the features and changes that many people do want, so they're unlikely to spend any working on those that only a few want.

It's not "user friendly"? I never said it was.

You don't know how? Learn.

It's not *my* problem, and it's certainly not BitComet's problem, it's your problem. You'll need to exert yourself to resolve it.

Of course, you could always hire somebody to write this script for you, but your choices in this, as in many other things in your life, are to spend sweat or spend cash.

For all either of us knows, there's more free software out there that performs exactly this task. Have you looked?

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Just a thought, but bitcomet does have a function to initiate a virus scan program when download is completed. You might be able to enter commands into that field to run a different type of program.

Its something you could experiment with anyway.

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