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BitCommet Crashing when task clicked


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1) Using version 1.26

2) Have 10mbps Cable thru Comcast

3) Have a RCA modem model - dhg535-2 and Linksys Wireless Router model - wrt54gs ver. 5

5) Windows 7, Norton Security Suite for virus and firewall

6) I have a couple torrent files uploading and downloading, all thru pleasuredome.org.uk the files consist of MAME rom images and other MAME files. The files are mostly .zip files.

7) Not having speed issues but just in case, currently getting a ping or 15ms, a download speed of a little over 15mbps and an upload speed of a little over 4 mbps.

My issues is that BitCommet has continued to crash every time I open it and try to click on a task. I can not even select a task. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Essentially, when I left or right click on a task bitcommet locks up. I cannot even select the task to attempt to remove them. I have downloaded similar torrents from the same provider and never had issues.

I have had BitCommet for years and have never had a major issue like this before. I have not installed any programs recently nor made any changes to settings.

I have no clue what to do and would appreciate any help.

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Something must have changed. You'll need to find out what that is.

In your shoes, the first thing I would try is removing Norton completely. It's legendary for interfering, and there are freeware products that play well with others where Norton does not. But mainly see if that stops the crashing. I discommend third-party firewalls for almost everybody.

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Do you by any chance have a very large disc cache setting in BitComet? This has been causing some problems for some users.

As for Norton, I too don't like it, but I know some users are able to use it successfully with torrents, so it can be done.

another thing you can look at is the memory usage in task manager.

Lastly, I'm assuming that when you reinstalled bitcomet, it was continuing current tasks that it loaded from your config files. Lets try eliminating them and see if we can get the program running without them. I have two suggestions, you decide which path to follow.

1. Uninstall and delete both the program files\bitcomet folder and appdata\bitcomet folder (alternately you can rename them so they aren't found by new installation), then reinstall and it should start with none of your current tasks or settings. Then you simply restart the tasks.

2. Download the .zip version from the link in my signature. Unzip and run the program (no install required). If it runs normally, then we will know that there is something wrong with the installed version. (make sure installed version is fully shut down by looking in task manager processes for bitcomet.exe before you start the .zip version).

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