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Help urgeant

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Wow, gazzer. You need to just start from the beginning. I do kinda sympathize here, you've gotten into a whole new world that you don't understand at all.

What I want to suggest is that you spend some time reading. Read our guides forum, starting with the "New to bittorrent?" topic. Then, when you've absorbed that, look at the other topics there. And then, look at our wiki, which is linked at the top of this page.

Hopefully, after you've done that, you've got your feet under you. What I'd like to know is where, after having done that, you're still not very clear?

In the meantime, you have downloaded a set of instructions. They are of no use to you. They are only of use to a bittorrent client like BitComet. It's absolutely correct that you have downloaded a .torrent file. Those are the instructions.

You must now open the .torrent file with your BitTorrent client, and it will use those instructions to start downloading the "macguffin", the "boojum", the thing that you actually wanted. We call that "the contents".

First, you download the .torrent file. (That's very quick because a .torrent file is very small.)

Then you open the .torrent file in your client. Your client then downloads the contents. (That's very slow because the movie (or whatever) is very large.) When you have the contents, then you watch the movie/listen to the audiobook/install the game: -- that's "the contents".

This site is just full of things you need to read first, including a message that says, "Read first before posting", which you didn't do. I do understand that you were feeling overwhelmed. I am looking for ways to communicate better to people like you. What would have gotten your attention better? What would have been a better, "hey, read this first!!!!" thing?

(You should understand: I'm just me. I am NOT BitComet and I am NOT Bittorrent. I am an unpaid volunteer who is doomed for a time to co-moderate this site. I don't speak for any of the foregoing. You have as much official connection with this site as I do.)

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simplest possible overview of process.

1. Download file.torrent

2. Open file.torrent in bitcomet.

3. Allow bitcomet to do all the work of finding all pieces of download until it reaches 100%

(this process can take anywhere from a few minutes, upto several days/weeks, depending on the size of files your downloading,

the speed of your connection, and the health of the torrent)

4. Watch downloaded movie when 100% Complete.

5. Stop torrent from uploading only after your "share ratio" is above 1.000.

If you want more detailed help, then read the post Kluelos referred you to.

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