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Not sure if everYone else noticed this but when i change my download speed higher it jumps to 10meg download for about 10 secs or so then balances OFF TO MY 2 MEG DOnWLOAD, WOULDnt BE GREAT TO HAARNESS THE ABILITY tO CHANGE MY KBS SPEED EVERY FEW SEC, i would get a constant peed of 10 meg!

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That's probably only a result of the way the speed measuring routine works; while you change the speed it probably buffers one or two seconds of data (while the new variable value is being initialized) and then makes the calculations for the whole measured data instantly, thus the high value you see.

There isn't any way BitComet can actually increase your download bandwidth over the maximum of what you subscribed for at your ISP. It stands against elementary logic.

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What your experiencing is a lag in your systems performance. Your asking bitcomet to change your settings, to do this is requires cpu time and system resources. On an older system, or a system that is running many processes, this may take a few seconds then bitcomet registers several seconds of download time and can only integrate that data is belonging to a single cycle, thus generating abnormal reading. Your still downloading at the same rate (or possibly slower) by doing this.

There are other ways to "hack" a program to make it display large numbers that look impressive, but it won't get you the files you seek any faster, and it's also likely that by overburdening your system by making constant changes, your crippling your download performance instead of improving it.

This is not a bug, or at least not a bug in bitcomet. If anything, it's a bug in the windows operating system and it's ability to run all the apps that your asking your computer to run. Being designed to multi-task, it won't allow bitcomet the necessary cpu time to both make changes and display results in "real-time". The only solution to this would be to have bitcomet only update every 10cycles on older systems, however the method of determining if a system is older, or overworked would be complex. Bottom line is best solution is to stop playing with buttons and let B/C do it's job.

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