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Where is the torrent history folder?

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I want to restore the Torrent History as well as partially downloaded files. When I click "open" and go to the partially downloaded file *.bc it won't open as it is not a .torrent file.

I'd also like to repopulate my "Torrent History" with previously downloaded torrents but can't find them within my back up or on my new install of BitComet.

Can anyone help (please)?


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the proper procedure would have been to export the settings from your old system and import them into the new one. Since it's too late to do that, then you need to restart each task. After rehash, the torrents will continue from their current level of progress.

Also, you can not open a task from a partially downloaded file, you need to open the torrent again.

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That depends where you downloaded it to. If you used a browser to open the file, then it depends on that specific browser and it's settings.

Personally I think its a bad idea to use a browser to open files, many of which, like program files shouldn't be executed until all programs are closed(including the browser), but the main reason it's a bad idea is you elected to let the browser save the file where ever it wanted to and now you have no idea where that is.

I could tell you the default locations for every possible browser, and I could also tell you where bitcomet saves it's configuration files, but both questions would require me writing page after page of text for every windows version and user account settings, so to save us from doing an impossible amount of work for every users post, we have created a "READ THIS before posting" topic, which you have elected to ignore.

So the only thing I can tell you is to find your torrents, do a search for filenames that have .torrent extension. You'll probably find them in a hidden system folder.

Also, next time you get a torrent, download it to your computer to a location of YOUR choice, then open it. Then you will know exactly where it is in case you need to use it again, or more importantly, if you want to make sure there is no record of you using it. Allowing them to go into a hidden system folder develops a complete database of everything you ever downloaded, something I'd never want on my computer.

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Hmm... though, BitComet saves every .torrent file (once open) in the \BitComet\torrents folder where it rests for as long as the task will be present in the Task List.

It also will save (if told so) a copy of the .torrent file in the \BitComet\archive folder (that's the History folder) but it will rename every .torrent file inside after the info-hash of that file.

That should give you enough info to recover your files from within your backup.

Try backing up your current copies of the folders and the copy the old ones in place (from your backup). Then add whatever new files you may have in the new folders to the old ones you just restored in place.

That way you should have all your old .torrent files and not loose any new ones you may have added in the meantime.

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