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Can't open a regular site with cometbird

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Hi there,

I have been facing this strange problem with cometbird. I can't see the regular website of www.somewhereinblog.net with cometbird browser, instead it opens the mobile site. But there is no problem when I use firefox browser, the regular site opens. Check the screen shots.

Cometbird image:


Firefox image:


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We have seen some websites incorrectly handle cometbird users. If they don't recognize CometBird, they treat it as if it was a mobile browser. There is nothing Cometbird can do about this, it's the website that needs to change.

If you can contact them and tell them to treat Cometbird like Firefox, then their users won't have this problem.

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The reason for this is that the version of the site for mobile browsers is the "lowest common denominator", the one with the fewest features, because mobile browsers cannot handle them.

The web site looks at the browser, and presents one version for MSIE, another for Firefox, perhaps another for Safari, and then there's "other", everything else. If the site doesn't recognize CometBird, it gets lumped in with "everything else".

You should contact the site and suggest that they change their code to treat CometBird just like FireFox.

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