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Sudenly stopped connecting to ANY seeds

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My BitComet was running perfectly until a few days ago, when it sudenly stopped downloading at all!

It seems like it doesn't connect to any seeds. The same thing happens with utorrent, so the issue is not BitComet itself, but probably my PC, but because I use only BT do download, I'm posting here.

I've tried to download a popular torrent, with a very high number of seeds (over 2000!) but even when it does download, it connects to a max of 3-4 seeds and they all local or UDP/TCP.

As I said I didn't have this kind of an issue a few days ago, so it's not a problem of a torrent not having seeds.

I'm using Windows 7.

ADSL, router 'siemens sl2 - 141'

port is forwarded both in router and firewall (the light is green,same with DHT), IP is static.

I don't have any problems with direct downloads (HTTP).

Maybe it's some new update or program I've downloaded?

What should I do to find out?


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