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all in one downloader

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I was always wanted a download manager to handle all my downloads need, is good that bitcomet can handle bt, eMule and most of the normal downloads. But I still have 3 download manager open at the same time, the reason is I download alot files from the file hosting website such as fileserve etc.

If Btcomet can combine the funtions of Jdownloader, Internet Download Manager and Btcomet it will be the best download manager on earth.

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Rapidshare does not support/permit the functions of a download manager, including parallel downloads or resumption of interrupted transfers. If you want these on Rapidshare you must use their paid product.

Letitbit has immortalized themselves with this false, deceptive and misleading entry from their FAQ:


8. While I was downloading a file, I received the following error: ´Your IP has changed; You must have a static IP´.

    You have a dynamic IP and it changed during the download process. Your IP address remains static. You will have to buy a Gold account to solve this problem.


You don't need to buy anything. Almost all dynamic IP addresses do change, but they do not do so frequently, unless you do something to cause it -- like power-cycling your router or modem. All you probably need to do is start your download over, as it will be hours, days, weeks, months before your IP address changes again.

I do not recommend that anyone use letitbit for any purpose, but they likewise charge for parallel downloads.

DC++ has faded in popularity and isn't much used anymore. I don't think there are any current plans to include support for it.

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It's the service that has to allow bitcomet, not bitcomet allowing the service. Those sites restrict access to their downloads, thats why your having problems.

We cannot force them to allow our download manager.

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