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Random Computer Re-booting

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Ever since I upgraded to 1.26 and then onto 1.27 my computer randomly re-boots by itself. I have not installed any other software. I have run scan disk and virus and ad-ware scans with nothing found. It started after 1.26 was installed and now the eMule plug-in won't show its page anymore so I can't change the options anymore. This is very irritating. Has anyone else experienced this???

Windows XP / SP3 -- Been downloading since version 0.99 - Rank: Senior Colonel.

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Thanks, but before I came here to post the problem I searched the issue on google and found other people having the same problem. I didn't just make it up.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable...must be the truth.

P.S. If I close and exit BC my computer does NOT re-boot by itself......Just a thought.

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You will need to figure out why your computer is crashing.

The default setting is to automatically reboot after a crash. You need to be able to see the cause of the crash.

Take a look here: http://malektips.com/windows_xp_0007.html to stop the automatic reboot. Then you should be able to see what actually caused the crash, and use Google to find out what to do about it. You should also take a look at Event Viewer to see if there is any information about it there.

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