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Huge disappointment


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Hello there everybody.

I'm a regular user of BitComet and I've recently came aware of the very special VIP Acceleration function, I thought about buying it and I finally did so, however, I bought a 10 gigabytes plan, and I couldn't activate the VIP Acceleration as the file I was currently downloading was over 10 gigs, I said, okay, I will buy another 10 gigs plan, I ended up buying 20 gigabytes, fine.

I've activated the VIP Acceleration, with a fairly decent connection, I've came to see that the download speed wasn't exceeding 200-300 (is there a speed cap on VIP Acceleration service?), even worse, sometimes, it goes down to 90-95, and I repeat again, my connection is fairly decent.

What is wrong? Something on me? Or on BitComet's team and VIP Acceleration servers?

I've came here to express my huge disappointment in regards of that service, I must say it isn't an acceleration but rather a deceleration..



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Vip service uses high speed servers to download the torrent on your behalf, then sends you the completed files. It can often get the files much faster then you would be able to, but there must be peers available to provide those files. If a torrent has very few sources, then you could be on the fastest connection in the world and it wouldn't make a difference, however if your truly unhappy with the performance, send your comet ID, transaction details to Zerojinn, I'm sure she can work something out with you.

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Imagine that there was a peer in the swarm who had a really fast connection.

Now imagine that this peer will download the torrent and send what it downloads, to you.

This is what VIP acceleration is. In some situations, that will not help you. For example, if the health of the torrent is less than 100%, the torrent will not complete. If there is only one seeder seeding at a very slow rate and the rest of the swarm is rapidly sharing each piece with each other as it is downloaded, nothing is going to speed that up.

In other situations, it will help a lot, provided that your bandwidth is not already maxed-out. If it is, then naturally nothing is going to get the torrent to you any faster, you're at your speed limit.

VIP acceleration isn't magic. It needs to be used intelligently, in situations where it can be of help.

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VIP will help peers most who have a very limited upload speed. The vip servers can upload far faster then any user could on a residential internet connection, therefore getting the best peers to download from, then in turn sending you the progress as it downloads to the vip server.

If that was a real torrent, not a fake that was designed to fail (many of them report thousands of seeds to lure users), then there should be plenty of sources for vip to complete the task quickly, but for that matter, for you to complete without use of vip too.

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Richardben23, I recommend you read the link in my signature then make a post in our bitcomet section listing the results of your speedtest, and one of our staff will help you find the optimal settings to get bitcomet downloading as fast as possible. You might find the performance gain with this alone.

Vip will increase your performance if the resources are available and you have sufficient unused download bandwidth available.

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